Saturday, August 25, 2007

SAMS Stepmania Competition

Hmm... It was our SAMS Stepmania Competition today.
It was fun, and everyone were enjoyed the competition.
Well, this competition is quite successful...
And thanks for SwatWolf to be our GM of this competition...

Wow... It was open to every members of SAMS, and many of them were join the competition.
Those who didn't join the competition, they joined the practice of Hare Hare Yukai at the back of the auditorium.

Oh ya... I remember, this is our first time, SAMS has the General Meeting in auditorium. We watch animes in auditorium, just like watching movies in cinema.

Ok, let's short and sweet.
Hmm.... there are some photos from my phone camera to share with you all.
Enjoy them! (Sounds like wanted to eat them...) @_@"

Our first few players who joined the competition.

Wa... It's my turn! Look... I'm the one who wearing the pink colour shirt...
It's me versus Serene.

Wow... Other players after I played.

Haha... Well, I have won the first round (me VS Serene), then I have lost the second round (me VS Kim).
I can't believe that I lost Kim with terrible score... @_@"
But anyway, it was really fun to joined to competition.

Well, hopefully there's more event coming soon... Especially the Swinburne Carnival and Prom Night.
Ok, that's all...