Saturday, August 18, 2007

SAMS General Meeting

It was our Swinburne Anime and Manga Society (SAMS) general meeting again.
Wow... It was fun...

Why? Because I have a "Watermelon Game"... XD
But before the game start, we have watch several episode of animes. After that, Serene helped SAMS to give everyone watermelon to eat.

Look at Serene! She was starting her job...

Wow... Serene is speeding...
Cool... Since when Serene started to learn the Speeding Trick?
(I think I watched too much Air Gear anime) =.="

Wa.... Delicious watermelon...
Do you want some of them?

After that, Watermelon Game start!
Wow... what is the game about?
Hmm... Well, it's smash the watermelon with a stick.

First, choose your stick.
Second, close your eyes, and covered by AJay jacket.
Third, Turn 360 degree 20 times.
Then, walk towards the watermelon.
Lastly, smash the watermelon with your stick.

Watermelon on the floor

Bigger photo of watermelon on the floor

The first player was me, but I didn't smash the watermelon.
The second player was AJay. He also didn't smash the watermelon.
The third player was a member of SAMS, but I don't know what is her name. She smashed the watermelon! But not enough power, then the watermelon didn't "explode"... So it's considered lose.

And the last player, which is the fourth player, was Rain. And he won!

It's Rain! He won!!!

After that, it's was our Wii time, and everyone were enjoyed the Wii too.
But many of the members went home already, so most of the committee members played the Wii.

After Wii time... Wow... I'm so hungry, and it was 9pm already.
(I haven't eat my dinner yet, and so the other)

So, Kim, Serene, Rollakid, and me went to Jalan Song and have our dinner.
We have talked so much about study and job with Rollakid. And Rollakid shared some of his and his friend's experience too.

After that, we all went home, and I just want to started my revision on Engineering Math B, which was tested this morning.

Ok, that's all...
Thank you for your time here...


AK@SH Wee said...

GYAAA... i missed SAMS meeting... must not be absent again!!

ToMCaT said...

@ak@sh wee:
Haha... Ya...
So try no to miss the meeting... XD
I think there will be more activities in the future meeting...

Serene said...

Where's the french fries? XD Yea.. Serene the waitress tat nite ^^"

ToMCaT said...

Haha... I don't want to put that in... XD