Thursday, August 9, 2007

804 Kuching Festival Parade 2007 Cosplay (Part 3)

Hmm... Not enough to see our cosplay photos?
Here some more for you all... XD
Enjoy it...

From the left, he's our OC, Intel, in this event, and the right is our president of SAMS

OMG! Someone wants to kill our Anbu!!!

Our photographer, Anwar.
Without him, we won't be able to take so much wonder photos.

Keh Shiun, one of our photographer also.
But he helped us a lot in carrying things and taking photos.

Out sweety couple.

Our beautiful LRP.

Our greedy SwatWolf, holding a lolipop.
He is showing off of his lolipop.
(Actually it's not his lolipop) XD

Our Lacus Clyne in Gundam Seed, Serene

Our Black Order members, from D.Grayman.
From the left is our kUrO-chan, Yu Kanda, and the right is Allen Walker.
(Sorry, I do not know your name, Allen)

Our Haku from Naruto, AJay.

Our Itachi in Naruto, Lance

From the left is me cosplayed as Ishida in Bleach, and the right is kUrO-chan, Yu Kanda.

It's me again from the left, and the right is Destiny, cosplayed as Hitsugaya Toushiru, in Bleach.

Look! What am I doing? XD
(I think Serene is going to kill me...) @_@"

Ok, that's all...

Please be informed that, all photos in this post were taken by Anwar, Keh Shiun, and Rain.


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