Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Busy Day

What? Busy?
Nah... Actually I'm not busy at all...
Anyway, I went to Enter-K in Crown Square with Onineko and Serene today.
Yup, this is my first time to K because I don't really like to go such place.
In addiction, I don't know how to sing actually, therefore I never go to K before until today... =D
I believe Onineko and Serene were suffered a lot when I was singing this morning. Lol...
We have our lunch, together with the package as well.
Here it is...

Fried Ramen

Well, it is really delicious.... =D
After that, we went to Coo Coo Ron's Cafe again... =D

Next... What else?
Of course, go home lor...
After dinner, I watch a few episodes of drama, while waiting Sheng to fetch me to cinema.
Red Cliff is what we watched just now, together with KK.
Actually we wanted to watch The Dark Knight, but we thought that KK has watch that movie already. Therefore, we watched Red Cliff. Interestingly, KK told us that he hasn't watch The Dark Knight yet.
Then we all... --sweat--

Ok, I think that's all for now.
Sorry for no update this few days as I am busying to choose my degree course. =.=ll
Anyway, there will be an update on KAA's Charity Fund Raising event, which was held in Boulevard last Sunday, 27th of July, 2008.
Stay tuned... =D

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Jittery and Happy Day

This morning, I wake up at 11am something. What to do? Everything is normal. I read newspaper, online, visit others' blog, and etc. But after the result of degree released, I starting to worry and nervous.

What did I do? I keep on refreshing the Blackboard every 15 minutes, waiting my result to be released. Wa.... I was so worry and nervous. Therefore, I play Kane's Wrath, to cover up my nervousness.

Around 5pm, I started to refresh the page again.
1 hour later, yeah... My foundation result is released!!!


Opening excel file to check my result.


Finding my student ID.


OMG!!! I passed all... Wakaka...
I shouted and screamed... lol...

Anyway, I think I can't sleep tonight since I am so happy now.

Well, my parents and sisters back to Kuching from Penang today.
Unexpectedly, my mother take away Asam Laksa from Penang.
Wow... It's real Penang Asam Laksa, which fly over from Penang.

Penang Asam Laksa

Closing photo of Penang Asam Laksa

Hmm... It's delicious, worth to try it... =D
Ok, I think that's all for the updates.
Thanks for reading...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kuching Blogger First Meet

Well, Kuching Blogger First Meet was held yesterday successfully.
Yup, I joined the even as well...

The event was located at Sharing Planet.
Lol... It's hard to find the location of Sharing Planet since the entrance is only something like the photo below... =D

The entrance of Sharing Planet

But anyway, we, Kim, Serene, and I managed to get there although we were a little bit late... XD
The very first thing to do there was register yourself and sign your signature on a big white poster paper on the wall.

Signatures of very bloggers that attended the meet.
(This photo is belong to Serene)

Hehe... I sign my signature as well. Here it is... =D

My Signature

It's me... Lol...
(This photo is belong to Serene)

What to do next? Of course, take photo of everything there since this is our first time to Sharing Planet... XD

The counter

Somewhere in Sharing Planet
(It's boring to get this photo =.=)

After that, we sit down and meet another blogger called Crazyfool, who was sitting with us.

Table group photo
(This photo is belong to Serene)

And, it's lucky draw time!
Yeah, I got the lucky prize... XD

(This photo is belong to Edwin Lay)

And finally, we had a group photo... =D

Group photo
(This photo is belong to Edwin Lay)

And here is the prize and the freebies that I got from the event.

Prize and freebie

Ok, I think that's all for the update. I do not have much photo since I was using my phone camera and it was dark there, which caused my photos with tons of digital noise. Anyway, I am looking forward for the next meet... =D

Thank you for reading... =D

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Since my blog has some traffics from the keywords about Cabal, I'm going to share with you all about Cabal bot here.

CabalRider is a bot which is able to help you on training your in game skill level, as well as character level.

The common functions that you can find within the bot:

  1. Auto HP
  2. Auto MP
  3. Auto loot
  4. Large inventory (not recommended)
  5. Add a hot key to select mobs
  6. Auto leveling (level and skill)
  7. Item filter
  8. Auto sell and buy
I don't recommend players to use the large inventory function because it is easy to get banned. Anyway, for more information about the CabalRider, please visit the site at

For CabalSEA players (Kuching Area), you can always contact me through my chat box, or leave a comment here to purchase the bot reload card, because my brother is selling... =D

Zenni Optical

Are you looking for an eyeglass? Well, at, a site that you are able to buy a cheap eyeglass for yourself. =D

Anyway, their eyeglasses are inexpensive since they do not have middleman, which means that you can order eyeglasses direct from the manufacturer. Do not worry, they have a lot of frames to choose from.

Visit the site, you would not regret to do so... =D

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fire Balls

Well, I'm going to share with you all something that I have found in Youtube.

How to make fire balls?

Yup! It's real fire balls... You can be a fire magician anytime now... XD
Well, I think I'm going to try it very soon... =D
Ok, that's all...