Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kuching Blogger First Meet

Well, Kuching Blogger First Meet was held yesterday successfully.
Yup, I joined the even as well...

The event was located at Sharing Planet.
Lol... It's hard to find the location of Sharing Planet since the entrance is only something like the photo below... =D

The entrance of Sharing Planet

But anyway, we, Kim, Serene, and I managed to get there although we were a little bit late... XD
The very first thing to do there was register yourself and sign your signature on a big white poster paper on the wall.

Signatures of very bloggers that attended the meet.
(This photo is belong to Serene)

Hehe... I sign my signature as well. Here it is... =D

My Signature

It's me... Lol...
(This photo is belong to Serene)

What to do next? Of course, take photo of everything there since this is our first time to Sharing Planet... XD

The counter

Somewhere in Sharing Planet
(It's boring to get this photo =.=)

After that, we sit down and meet another blogger called Crazyfool, who was sitting with us.

Table group photo
(This photo is belong to Serene)

And, it's lucky draw time!
Yeah, I got the lucky prize... XD

(This photo is belong to Edwin Lay)

And finally, we had a group photo... =D

Group photo
(This photo is belong to Edwin Lay)

And here is the prize and the freebies that I got from the event.

Prize and freebie

Ok, I think that's all for the update. I do not have much photo since I was using my phone camera and it was dark there, which caused my photos with tons of digital noise. Anyway, I am looking forward for the next meet... =D

Thank you for reading... =D


ahlost said...

Nice meeting you there :)

ToMCaT said...

Haha... nice to meet you... =D

Edwin Lay said...

Nice meeting you Tomcat =)

ToMCaT said...

@Edwin Lay:
Hey, nice to meet you... =D
Love you camera... XD

sharon (^.^) said...

finally saw who is TomCat in person. owes roam to ppl's blog owes see u leave comments on chatbox o entries.. :)

jimmychin said...

hehehe... :P
end of year still got another bloggers' meet
will make it bigger next meet. :)

ToMCaT said...

Lol... Haha... But I don't know which one is you... =.=" Going to find you from the photos... XD

OMG! Really? Cool... Can't wait anymore... =D