Saturday, August 23, 2008

Notice To Readers

Well, I'll not update anything started from 23rd until 30th of August, 2008.
This is because I am going to traveling with my brother and sisters, as well as my cousin... =D

Anyway, please do check my blog after 30th of August for more updates on my trip to China and Hong Kong... XD
Thank you for your time...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Upload Faster Than Download

Hmmm... I wonder what is happening to my connection here. As you can see from the picture up there, my upload speed is faster than download speed.

Well, I hope the technician would be able solve my problem here very soon because I'm suffering on slow connection since several weeks ago. And the issue on frequent disconnection, it started since November, 2007. =.=ll

Hopefully they are able to help me to settle on my problems this time. I don't want to make another call again to customer service because I had call them more than 5 times already. (If I'm not wrong)

Ok, thanks for reading... =D

12.34AM, 23rd August, 2008,

Finally, my connection has returned to normal since last Friday... =D
Haha... So happy now... XD

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CooCooRon's Cafe

Here will be another post on food and beverage. Haha... =D

Well, I went to Coo Coo Ron's Cafe with Onineko, Serene, and Yien this afternoon. Since Onineko wants to interview one of the owners of the cafe for her assignment, therefore we ordered different meals and drinks. =D

We took a lot of photos there. All of us just like a hermit, who come out from the jungle because we were using our camera to shoot everywhere in the cafe... =.=ll
Also, we took around 1 hour, just for photo shooting. Lol...

Anyway, enjoy the photos below... =D

Peace Spirit
(Ordered by Yien)

Green Tea
(Cold, comes with the set lunch, and ordered by me)

Blended Green Apple
(Ordered by Serene, and she drank 2 cups... =.=ll)

Oreo Chocolate
(If I'm not mistaken, and ordered by Onineko)

And here will be another view of the drinks... =D


Well, I ordered a set lunch, which is a Grilled Chicken Chop Rice, and a cup Green Tea up there. =D

Grilled Chicken Chop Rice

Next will be Grilled Chicken Chop, ordered by Serene. Actually I want to order this chicken chop, but Serene has ordered this already, so I end up with the set lunch. Lol...

Grilled Chicken Chop

The chicken chop looks nice, isn't it? Well, It's really delicious and taste good... =D
And here, British Style Fish N Chips, ordered by Onineko.

British Style Fish N Chips

Onineko said it's really taste good... =D
And this, Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Toast, ordered by Yien.

Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Toast

Look closer, see what is inside there... =D

Closer photo on Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Toast

According to Yien, she said that the toast really taste good. But too bad that she was full, so she couldn't finish them all... XD
And then, we ordered a snack as well, called Stormy Fries. My comment will be, not bad, it's worth to try it... =D

Stormy Fries

And here is a summary... Lol... XD

All food and drinks

Hmmm... If you look carefully on the last photo, there is one more drink that I didn't upload the photo here. Guess what it is? Well, it's the white one behind there. According to the owner of the cafe, called Sharon, she said that the white drink will be launch soon, but I don't know when it is and the name as well. (I don't want to be a spoiler... XD)
I did try the drink this afternoon, and it's really taste good... =D

Ok, I think that's all for the update.
Thank you for reading... =D

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blackout in Sarawak

Well, this will be another boring post again... Haha...
I had my dinner around 6pm as usual today. After my dinner, I continue on my C&C 3 Kane's Wrath. When I almost defeat the computer at 6.40pm, Poopp!!! Oh my god, power failure... >.>"

Therefore, I unplug all the cables of my computer that is connected to the socket. Next, what to do? I walked out from my computer room and go outside to have a look. Lol... So I discovered that was not only my house having blackout.

This is the house that is in front of my house
You can see the light there, but that was a emergency light... =D

Nothing I can do without electricity. Suddenly, I remember that I have to ask my friend's father about my debit card. After the call, my friend told me that he is having blackout as well. So, I sms Sheng, and he replied that it is the same for his house. Therefore, I know that whole Kuching is having power failure, and so the whole Sarawak... >.>ll

As the sky was getting darker and darker, I sat down and chat with my parents. Of course, we have our emergency light. Nothing else we can do except waiting for the electricity. And I was looking at the candle... (Lol... Where got so emo? =.=ll)


At 9.15pm, electricity is back. Everyone was so happy... =D
Therefore, Destiny, Sheng, and I decided to go to Jalan Song "lim teh".
When we were chatting, something was wrong again. Blackout... Lol... It was 10.35pm.
A few minutes later, the waiters and waitress putting up the candles for every tables. Suddenly, a normal coffee shop had transformed into a romantic and high class cafe. =.=ll

Stalls have their own candle... =D

And here, I took a blur photo... =.=ll

The round yellow and orange thing are the fire light of the candles
(Tables around the coffee shop)

Too bad I only managed to get a blur photo. I didn't take another photo again because everyone was looking at me... very "pai seh" lol...

Luckily, when I was on my way to my home, the electricity is back, and everything becomes normal again. (at 11pm)

So, for a summary:
6.40pm : Blackout started
9.15pm : Everything becomes normal for me
10.35pm : Blackout started again
10.55pm : Everything becomes normal until now.

Ok, I think that's all. Anyway, have you enjoy yourself while in the blackout? XD
Thanks for reading... =D

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

KAA Charity Fund Raising

Kuching Autistic Association (KAA) Charity Fund Raising was held at Boulevard on Sunday, 27th of July, 2008. Sorry for late update on this because I just got the photos from Serene yesterday. =.=ll

Anyway, the event was successfully... =D
I only uploaded a few photos to share with you all. But please note that these photos are belong to Serene and Jimmy. Therefore, I only post up several photos here. If you want to have more photos on this, kindly visit Serene's and Jimmy's blog.

Here they are... =D

Most of the cosplayers are here...
And, they were bullying Naruto again... =.=ll

What the MC said?
Click on the photo for bigger look... XD

SAMS group photos... =D
But I think I have left out someone... =.=

Ok, I think that's all...
If it is possible, I will share some more photos on this... =D
Thanks for reading...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kuching Festival Fair 2008

Yeah... It's Kuching Festival again. What do you think when you hear of "Kuching Festival"?
Of course, foods... XD

Well, I would say it is almost the same as last year. In the exhibition area, nothing much actually. But walk around there if you are free.

Anyway, welcome to Kuching Festival Fair... =D


Wow... So many people

What is next after enjoying your meal or dinner there?
Of course, walk through the garden... XD (Sounds weird... =.=ll)



After looking around the garden and the exhibition area, go home lor... (what you expect next? =.=ll)
Haha... That's all... =D
Oh ya, KAA post will be up very soon... Stay tuned... =D