Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yeah! Finally...

After a long queue buying donuts in the Spring, I managed to get 6 pieces of donuts there... =D

You: Er... ToMCaT, you are slow lah... People eat until don't want liao baru buy... =.=

Lol... Well, this is my first time buying donuts there because everytime I go, there were many people waiting there, so I prefer not to buy and go window shopping. -.-"
Anyway, here is my donuts photo...

My donuts

Oh my cat...! I didn't manage to take a better photo of my donuts... T_T
I should not stop taking photos and improve my skill.

Er... Something horrible had happened this everning.
Wow... Look at the sky...

It's going to rain

Is Rain coming? >.>" lol...
Oh my cat! Lightning is striking outside. It's better to shut down my computer now.
Ok, thanks for reading my boring post... =D

Sunday, April 20, 2008

CabalSEA - Skill Rank Completer Achieved

Sorry for not updating this few weeks.
Yes! According to the title here, I was managed to get into completer last Monday.
Oh my cat, how are you able to get into completer? >.>"
Haha... Well, I did a very boring job here. I killed tons of Dark Blader from A.Expert to Completer. =.=ll

Anyway, I feel unbelievable that I managed to get Completer just by killing the stupiak Dark Blader... lol
Well, I took a screenshot here. Cool? XD

Space Collapse

In the process of killing Dark Blader, I tried to combo since boredom kills me. Haha... Finally I got a 17 combo after my hard work. Lol...

17 Combo

I am still jealous of other pro players who were managed to get 50+ combo. They are cool man... Or, are they crazy or abnormal? ( - . - )ll

Ok, that's all for the updates here. =D

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cabal Addiction

I found out this in the CabalSEA forum. Enjoy...

Anyone has rode a cable car to Sentosa before?

Cabalist: Oii mai siao la teacher, Cabal has nothing to do with cars! Only Astral boards and bikes!

Science teacher: Today we are going to learn aura.

Cabalist: Aiya teacher so noob I already get battle mode 2 liao aura code for level 20 only.

Friend: Wah, you've got so many CD games.
Cabalist: Yah, feel free to choose. I've got Air one, Blood one, Earth & Thunder also have. You wan lvl 1, 2 or 3?!?!

At office.
Worker 1: Eh can u pass this to the GM its urgent
Worker 2: Sorry sir Game masters Not available for the moment...

At ATM Machine.
Person 1: Waa Q up so long liau..
Person 2: Server full ma..

At kopitam shop
Friend 1: Eh u got 5 bucks ark?
Friend 2: Do they accept Alz?

At Park
Teen 1: Yo man nice skate board u got there...
Teen 2: Skate board... Its Astral Board la..

At Mcd or KFC
Casher : That will be rm20 pls
Customer: Do u accept A cash? Or cabal cash?

at the highway
Friend 1: Eh look left and right la...don`t simply cross
Friend 2: Don't worry if i die i spawn back to town..

At friend house
Friend 1: Nice katana u got there? is it original..
Friend 2: Yeah its original..its call Titanium Katana +6

At Airport
Friend 1: Awww man our flight delayed again...
Friend 2: This suck..where the NPC when we need one...

At class
Student 1: Waaa so long u come back from toilet ark?
Student 2: Lagging ma..what u expect...

Out side school
Student 1: Eh look ppl gadoh out side crowded one
Student 2: I think they Guild war..just to get honor points.

At home
Mother: See your exam paper all failed u so stupid..i cant believe my son so stupid...
Son: I'm not stupid just noob

Credit to the all writers in thread here.