Sunday, April 20, 2008

CabalSEA - Skill Rank Completer Achieved

Sorry for not updating this few weeks.
Yes! According to the title here, I was managed to get into completer last Monday.
Oh my cat, how are you able to get into completer? >.>"
Haha... Well, I did a very boring job here. I killed tons of Dark Blader from A.Expert to Completer. =.=ll

Anyway, I feel unbelievable that I managed to get Completer just by killing the stupiak Dark Blader... lol
Well, I took a screenshot here. Cool? XD

Space Collapse

In the process of killing Dark Blader, I tried to combo since boredom kills me. Haha... Finally I got a 17 combo after my hard work. Lol...

17 Combo

I am still jealous of other pro players who were managed to get 50+ combo. They are cool man... Or, are they crazy or abnormal? ( - . - )ll

Ok, that's all for the updates here. =D


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