Friday, August 31, 2007

Celebration of Keh Shiun Birthday and Merdeka Day

Waow... What a tiring day...
It was our small celebration of Keh Shiun's Birthday yesterday.
(Actually his birthday was over already)
At the same, we planned to celebrate and stay at Serene's house for countdown of Merdeka Day.

Well, before we (SwatWolf, Kim, Serene, and I) go to take the cake at Sunflower cake house there, we saw a new car!!!

OMG, It's QAJ...
(Kill AJay) XD

After that, we have arrived to Sunflower cake house there.
There are lots breads look very delicious, and we bought some breads too...

Yeah! SwatWolf has obtained a cake!

And look, what did we buy at there...

Wow... After SwatWolf has obtained the cake, we went to the Everise, which is located at the 4 and the half mine there to buy some junk foods and drinks, so we can have some junk foods when we celebrating at Serene's house.
The next destination, we went to Serene's house to put all of our stuff there...
And something horrible there... @_@"

Look, they are Serene's dogs!!!

It's so sad that I'm not afraid of them... =.="
At Serene's house, SwatWolf starting to setup his Wii and play it. At the same time, I watching Bleach episode 138 in Serene's unknown room... @_@"
Serene and Kim, I do not know what did they do at upstair there.
May be ****ing? XD
No lah... Just kidding...

Around 7.30pm, we went to Jalan Song to have our dinner, and so for the others. But we were extremely late...
Sorry that we were late...
Before we have arrive to Jalan Song, we went to fetch HK, and we saw something interesting again!

Look, it's QAJ again!
(Kill AJay)

And then, after dinner, we gathered at Serene's house again! And everyone starting to play...

The whole living room of Serene's house

SwatWolf wanted to drink the whole bottle of Coke by himself

Mean while, it was DS time too...

After discovering, our Allen Walker has discovered something interesting.
It's a very very very old type of "Transformer" XD

Old type of "Transformer" in Serene's house
(Actually it is a pencil case)

But someone broke it! @_@"
(The person who broke it was Kota Kinabaru)

Finally, our birthday Keh Shiun has obtained his birthday present, after the War of Cake... XD

Keh Shiun has obtained a birthday present by SAMS

About 12am, we played firecrackers, and Merdeka Jump at the middle of the road... XD
After that, it's our Wii time again. But some of us were playing Dota, and DS.

Okay, that's all...
Well, these all photos are from my side photos. I'll post up more about this after I have obtained the photos from others. Thank you for taking your time on reading.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Choice Premier

Wow... It's Choice Premier! The new supermarket at Premier 101, near Stampin primary school!!!

Well, they sale lots of products, including imported products, just like Choice Daily in Tabuan Lalu there...
Hmm... Lots of people go there...
And I have discovered everyone are enjoying... XD

Wa... So many cars...

Choice Premier at Premier 101

Haha... Finally I can buy things easily because it's near my house... XD
And it's more easier for us to buy imported products now, especially foods...

Ok, that's all...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

SAMS Stepmania Competition

Hmm... It was our SAMS Stepmania Competition today.
It was fun, and everyone were enjoyed the competition.
Well, this competition is quite successful...
And thanks for SwatWolf to be our GM of this competition...

Wow... It was open to every members of SAMS, and many of them were join the competition.
Those who didn't join the competition, they joined the practice of Hare Hare Yukai at the back of the auditorium.

Oh ya... I remember, this is our first time, SAMS has the General Meeting in auditorium. We watch animes in auditorium, just like watching movies in cinema.

Ok, let's short and sweet.
Hmm.... there are some photos from my phone camera to share with you all.
Enjoy them! (Sounds like wanted to eat them...) @_@"

Our first few players who joined the competition.

Wa... It's my turn! Look... I'm the one who wearing the pink colour shirt...
It's me versus Serene.

Wow... Other players after I played.

Haha... Well, I have won the first round (me VS Serene), then I have lost the second round (me VS Kim).
I can't believe that I lost Kim with terrible score... @_@"
But anyway, it was really fun to joined to competition.

Well, hopefully there's more event coming soon... Especially the Swinburne Carnival and Prom Night.
Ok, that's all...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's Fun Time!

Well, I have found something really funny in a website.
So, I going to share with you all some of the pictures there...
If you already see these pictures before, enjoy them again... XD

OMG! Dog is supposed to eat the rice there, not the cat...

The girl: Ah... I'm dying, I'm dying...

What a beautiful art, isn't it?
Oh noooooooooo.... @_@"

O... M... G...
Something horrible here...

Ah... They're gaying...
(I do not know why it is considered a funny pictures in the website...) =.="

Haha... That's all...

Hope you enjoyed it...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

SAMS General Meeting

It was our Swinburne Anime and Manga Society (SAMS) general meeting again.
Wow... It was fun...

Why? Because I have a "Watermelon Game"... XD
But before the game start, we have watch several episode of animes. After that, Serene helped SAMS to give everyone watermelon to eat.

Look at Serene! She was starting her job...

Wow... Serene is speeding...
Cool... Since when Serene started to learn the Speeding Trick?
(I think I watched too much Air Gear anime) =.="

Wa.... Delicious watermelon...
Do you want some of them?

After that, Watermelon Game start!
Wow... what is the game about?
Hmm... Well, it's smash the watermelon with a stick.

First, choose your stick.
Second, close your eyes, and covered by AJay jacket.
Third, Turn 360 degree 20 times.
Then, walk towards the watermelon.
Lastly, smash the watermelon with your stick.

Watermelon on the floor

Bigger photo of watermelon on the floor

The first player was me, but I didn't smash the watermelon.
The second player was AJay. He also didn't smash the watermelon.
The third player was a member of SAMS, but I don't know what is her name. She smashed the watermelon! But not enough power, then the watermelon didn't "explode"... So it's considered lose.

And the last player, which is the fourth player, was Rain. And he won!

It's Rain! He won!!!

After that, it's was our Wii time, and everyone were enjoyed the Wii too.
But many of the members went home already, so most of the committee members played the Wii.

After Wii time... Wow... I'm so hungry, and it was 9pm already.
(I haven't eat my dinner yet, and so the other)

So, Kim, Serene, Rollakid, and me went to Jalan Song and have our dinner.
We have talked so much about study and job with Rollakid. And Rollakid shared some of his and his friend's experience too.

After that, we all went home, and I just want to started my revision on Engineering Math B, which was tested this morning.

Ok, that's all...
Thank you for your time here...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Earth Dance in the Kuching Festival Food Fair Performance

Well well, I have invited to be an audience of the performance tonight.
Hmm... They were cool actually. Especially the Raising Sun... XD
It was John, John's girlfriend, Kim, and me went there...
And we went there at 9.30pm. So sad that the performance has started already, and we have missed one Earth Dance's performance.
We have stand at there, and watch the shows until 11.30pm.
Wow... 2 hours standing there... =.="

Dancing and singing Raising Sun.
Luckily they didn't out of tone. =.="

Er... Forgot what did they dancing already... XS

Look! It's Alex, 小男孩!

Bigger picture of him...
(Sorry, it's blur...)

The end of the performance for Earth Dance.

Haha... That's all...
It was an enjoyable shows actually... Hopefully can watch Earth Dance in the stage again next time...

OMG! It's Saliva...!

Hmm... It was our lecture on Academic Writing again.
And, something horrible has happened every lecture time.

You: What it is? What's so horrible? Is it saliva that you have mentioned at the title there?

Me: Yes!!! It's saliva!!!

Have you see the "chop" of the saliva?

Our lecturer gave us the exercises, and his fingers were so dry, so he has to use his saliva, to split the papers up.
OMG! How discussing it is? =.="

Monday, August 13, 2007

Kuching Festival Food Fair 2007

Well well, it was a mini gathering in food fair.
It was fun, and we have eat tons of food there... XD
We went there at about 5.30pm (more easy to find a seat), and we go at 9.30pm...
And, it was only Kim, Serene, HK, SwatWolf, AJay, Sheng, and me went there.

Kim is smsing, and Serene was starting to eat

I'm listening to Sheng while Sheng was talking

Yeah... I'm taking photos while SwatWolf was taking photo of me...

Everyone were listening to our lecturer talking... (Sheng was the lecturer)

And here! I have steal the photos of SwatWolf!
Look! It's SwatWolf's transformer!

Ok, that's all...
The end of the post...

Please be informed that, all photos in this post was taken by SwatWolf and AJay.

Air Gear

Air Gear is about a typical 15 year old, Minami Itsuki aka Ikki, the leader of East Side Gunz, Higachu Junior High school gang. After being utterly humiliated by a street gang of Storm Riders using Air Treck (abbreviated as AT), the Noyamano siblings gave him a pair of Air Treck and helped him to deal with them. When the incident is over, he finds that he really likes the feeling of "flying" and he is sucked into the world of Air Treck. In the earliest part of the story, it mainly focus with Ikki finding his footing as a Storm Rider among with little episodes of his friends' lives. Later, the story is further developed to look into the issues of the AT world when Akito and Agito appear.

Anyway, I have fall in love with Air Gear anime since I have watched the first episode. It's really cool, and funny. But this is not a new anime, it was released last time.

So, what are you waiting for? Download and watch it now!!!
(I know some of you have watched Air Gear already...) -.-"

Recommended download site:


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crazy Cats

Haha... Since the update about the cosplay have reached the end, now I going to share with you all a funny video clip from Youtube...

It's cute and funny! XD

Friday, August 10, 2007

Review on 804 Kuching Festival Parade 2007 Cosplay

Well, it's really cool to have a cosplay in the parade.
I'm really happy and enjoy to join this event, although I have wasted so much money. (about RM100 for costume and my bow)

One more thing, it's lucky that it was not raining that day.
If it was rain,
our costume = die

Anyway, hopefully I still can join any other cosplay event, because it's really cool to cosplay.
But money will wasted a lot... T_T

Ok, that's all...

Special Thanks:

OC of the performance this time. Thank you very much for advising and helping. No Intel, the performance will not be so successfull...

Anwar, Keh Shiun and Rain:
Thanks for helping in taking photos and carrying items. XD

Thanks for helping me and others to style our hair. Can be our Hair-dresser next time... =>

Ah Boon's Mother:
Thanks for your help in making our costume in cheap price, because no people wants to make our costume... -.-"

Allen Walker:
Thanks for your glove. Sorry that I dirty your glove... (full of my hand's sweat) -.-"

All Other Cosplayers:
(Kim, Serene, Lance, LRP, Jessica, Fung Yun, AJay, SwatWolf, and Destiny)
Thanks you all help me in the process for this event. And it's really fun to work with you all. Hopefully can work together again next time.

If I have miss out someone else, please inform me by chat box. Thank you.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

804 Kuching Festival Parade 2007 Cosplay (Part 3)

Hmm... Not enough to see our cosplay photos?
Here some more for you all... XD
Enjoy it...

From the left, he's our OC, Intel, in this event, and the right is our president of SAMS

OMG! Someone wants to kill our Anbu!!!

Our photographer, Anwar.
Without him, we won't be able to take so much wonder photos.

Keh Shiun, one of our photographer also.
But he helped us a lot in carrying things and taking photos.

Out sweety couple.

Our beautiful LRP.

Our greedy SwatWolf, holding a lolipop.
He is showing off of his lolipop.
(Actually it's not his lolipop) XD

Our Lacus Clyne in Gundam Seed, Serene

Our Black Order members, from D.Grayman.
From the left is our kUrO-chan, Yu Kanda, and the right is Allen Walker.
(Sorry, I do not know your name, Allen)

Our Haku from Naruto, AJay.

Our Itachi in Naruto, Lance

From the left is me cosplayed as Ishida in Bleach, and the right is kUrO-chan, Yu Kanda.

It's me again from the left, and the right is Destiny, cosplayed as Hitsugaya Toushiru, in Bleach.

Look! What am I doing? XD
(I think Serene is going to kill me...) @_@"

Ok, that's all...

Please be informed that, all photos in this post were taken by Anwar, Keh Shiun, and Rain.