Thursday, August 16, 2007

Earth Dance in the Kuching Festival Food Fair Performance

Well well, I have invited to be an audience of the performance tonight.
Hmm... They were cool actually. Especially the Raising Sun... XD
It was John, John's girlfriend, Kim, and me went there...
And we went there at 9.30pm. So sad that the performance has started already, and we have missed one Earth Dance's performance.
We have stand at there, and watch the shows until 11.30pm.
Wow... 2 hours standing there... =.="

Dancing and singing Raising Sun.
Luckily they didn't out of tone. =.="

Er... Forgot what did they dancing already... XS

Look! It's Alex, 小男孩!

Bigger picture of him...
(Sorry, it's blur...)

The end of the performance for Earth Dance.

Haha... That's all...
It was an enjoyable shows actually... Hopefully can watch Earth Dance in the stage again next time...