Sunday, August 5, 2007

804 Preparation for Kuching Festival Parade 2007 Cosplay

Wow... What a tiring day...
Our preparation for the parade is quite fun actually.
It's look like everyone were enjoying.
Hmm... We have choose room 2.23 to be our saloon... (got the smell of the spray the whole room) XD
I wonder whether people will ask what has happened to the room on Monday... Wuahahahaha...

Our preparation has take few hours actually.
We help each other, and we have 1 hair dresser too, that is our Mr. Ting.
Anyway, thank you so much for your help, Mr. Ting.

Look! It's Kim starting to use some clay on her hair.
Serene, and Intel were playing with the cat inside the box.

VK was ironing his Itachi's costume at the back of the room.

SwatWolf was helping our Allen Walker to draw the curse.

And the result is...

Keh Shiun was helping SwatWolf to style his hair.

Wow... It's our beautiful Anna helping VK to draw his face.

Haha... That's all for this post.
I will post more pictures about the Kuching Festival Parade 2007 soon, after I have get all the pictures from others.


遥望天狼星的我 said...

walao.. use marker to draw on the face... not hard to wash off meh?

ToMCaT said...

@ 遥望天狼星的我:
No... Actually can be wash easily...