Sunday, August 5, 2007

804 Kuching Festival Parade 2007 Cosplay (Part 1)

"Finally over..." Said by all cosplayers.
Everyone were tired, but we all enjoy the parade so much.
Here are some of the pictures from my phone camera.
I will post up more pictures after I have collect all the pictures from others.

These pictures below were take after the performance in Padang Merdeka.

Everyone were sitting down, and the Kakashi is having a lolipop... XD

Anna and Ajay

Anna eating her lolipop.
(But haven't open yet how to eat?) @_@"

It's Serene! I like her costume so much.

It's me and Serene.
(I'm Ishida in Bleach, who is a Quinsy, NOT A PRIEST OR FATHER!) -.-"

Wa... So many people gather in the Padang Merdeka.

Well, that's all from my side camera. Will post up more soon...
Please be informed that all the photos in this post were taken by me.



Serene said...

Yea.. It was fun ^^ dancing and posing lol And we came out in see hua daily news hehe.. Too bad you were looking to a distant place XD

ToMCaT said...

Lol... I know... My parents told me about it. Xin Zhou Daily New, and Lian He Daily New also got our pictures...