Monday, December 31, 2007

My Last Post in Year 2007

Wow... Year 2007 is almost over. What have you done tonight? Celebrating? Count down? Haha... I believe that there are a lot of people attending the party for celebrating and counting down. Interestingly, there are a lot of people also staying at home, watching television.

A few days ago, one of my friend had asked me that,
"what thing(s) have you done that is meaningful to you in year 2007?"
Well, I could not reply him because I think I have done nothing that is meaningful to me. What a pity... Lol...

But anyway, year 2008 is coming soon. What are you going to do? It must be many interesting stuffs that you want to finish in your life. Haha...

Ok, I think that's all for my last post in year 2007. Hopefully year 2008 will be better.
Here by, wish every reader of my blog:

!!!Have A Nice Year, and Happy New Year 2008!!!
Let's say good bye to year 2007
Welcome the year 2008

Friday, December 28, 2007

Kitty in Disease Detected

Something had happened after my class at 3.30pm this afternoon. What is it? Well, it is another kitty (in the picture above) in disease detected. This kitty was laying just beside my tire. Lucky I have found it early, or else, there will be the end of it's life. What I did is catch it and bring it to the road side with glasses.

Another kitty also in disease was detected yesterday in the lobby of my school campus. That kitty, I believe many of my friends had saw it too. It looks sick seriously. It could not even do the balancing by itself. What a pity...

Well, I am thinking why are they here? I never see kitties in disease around our campus before until yesterday. Hopefully there has no more kitty in disease around my school campus.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Juice Media Worldwide Expands West Coast Presence

Juice Media Worldwide, any idea? I believed that you have totally no idea what is that about. Is it "juice" in media? Wow, sounds so wrong. Wanted to know what is that about? Check it out at for more information. XD

Press Release:

Juice Media Worldwide, LLC, a leading provider of on‐demand Marketing 2.0 software services and solutions has moved to new San Diego headquarters at 591 Camino de la Reina on the 11th floor of the prominent Valley Corporate Center building.

Located just 10 minutes from downtown San Diego, the nearly 4,000 square foot state‐of‐the‐art offices are double the size of the previous headquarters. The new office equips Juice Media with enough space for the company to grow its software development and client management staff by an additional 50 percent in 2008.

“Managing rapid growth is always a challenge for successful start‐ups. We evaluated several options for new offices to accommodate our growth and Valley Corporate Center was an ideal location for us,” said Rick Enrico, CEO, Juice Media Worldwide, LLC. ”The office tower’s expansive features and centralized location made it a great solution for our needs as we expand our staff and client roster.”

Juice Media employees have access to a number of benefits with the move including an on‐site deli, gym, ocean view offices, and a park next door. The additional meeting space also enables Juice Media to develop even stronger relationships with its clients with more frequent and productive onsite meetings.


About Juice Media Worldwide, LLC:
Based in San Diego, California, with additional offices in Minnesota, Juice Media Worldwide develops JuiceMetrIQs™, a Marketing 2.0 enterprise marketing management platform that is Software as a Service (SAAS) application. JuiceMetrIQs™ streamlines the marketing process by allowing companies to store customer interaction data (sales transactions, demographics, website data, email addresses, etc.) and segment that information to build relevant targeted marketing campaigns. Customer data is housed in a single data warehouse that is tied to a concise central reporting dashboard. JuiceMetrIQs™ provides seamless integrations with top enterprise vendors from online and offline marketing channels such as Email, Direct Mail, SMS Messaging, and Voice Messaging. JuiceMetrIQs™ empowers marketers with the ability to analyze, maximize, and measure cross channel customer purchase behavior across all distributed marketing channels for greater marketing success.

Juice Media Worldwide is a portfolio company of Petters Group Worldwide, which includes companies such as Polaroid, Sun Country Airlines, and For more information please visit

Press Contact:
Morgan Witt

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Boulevard is Opening Now

Yeah!!! Boulevard is opening now... Everyone has wait for it quite a long time, but today Boulevard is opening now. I went to work today, and many people told me the same thing about Boulevard is opening today... Lol... I believed everyone is looking forward on Boulevard.

Anyway, so many people there when I was by passing there. =.=ll

Wow... Look! There are many cars parking beside the road in front of Boulevard.

Haha... Hopefully I can have a visit to there as soon as possible... XD

Monday, December 17, 2007


LifeSize uses advance technology to deliver face to face communication with high definition on video conferencing, using an existing broadband connection. This gives the user to have a true and natural telepresence experience in video conferencing. Solutions such as LifeSize Room, high definition video communication will up to 1280 x 720 resolution, which is in 30 frames per second. There is no worry about your broadband bandwidth, since the requirement for video conferencing is from 128Kbps to 5Mbps.

Cool right? It is only require a small bandwidth to make a video conferencing. Besides that, it allows up to six participants to connect in high definition at the same time, isn't it sounds great?
For more informations, please refer to the official website at

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Old Shop - 11.12.2007

Another post on food and drinks again. It was last Tuesday. WaterMelon had asked me to go to his house because he had something wanted to show me. After that, WaterMelon decided to have a drinks outside and chat.

So, we went to Old Shop, located at Padungan there. And then, we had WaterMelon had his White Lady, and chicken nudget, I had my Ice Cincau and fried mee.

White Lady

Ice Cincau

Chicken Nudget

Fried Mee

A lot of crap we had been shared, and so our pass experience.
Anyway, this is my first time to Old Shop. It's price there still inexpensive compared to cafe. But if you compared with normal coffee shop, it's not cheap at all.
Ok, that's all...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hotel Reservations

Are you looking for hotel reservations, since the school holiday just started? I believed many of students are now in holiday. Well, there is a website, that you can book or reserved a hotel. It's Hotel Reservations, at

Why am I saying this? Well, as you can see at the picture above, you can save up to 70% from your reservations through
Hotel Reservations website. You can book any hotel worldwide, with an inexpensive price. Besides that, flight and vacation packages also are available in Hotel Reservations website.

Anyway, it's cool to book a hotel with this site since it's convenient to us, especially if you want to have a trip to overseas. If you are looking forward on booking hotel for your trip, here it is, Hotel Reservations is the best choice to book with.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Anime Gathering

Anime gathering, organized by Swinburne Anime and Manga Society (SAMS) was held successfully tonight. There are some non Swinburne students who joined the gathering tonight. And I'm glad that SAMS has did the job well this time...

The gathering was started about 7.30pm. Everyone was sitting on their seat, and chatting with their friends. For me, I have meet my old school mate, who was the same table with me.

Everyone was waiting to start

The first activity tonight was Ice Breaking. It's about the same as Treasure Hunting, mean while you've to talk to someone that you do not know to ask for help. We had collected most of the things which are stated in the list. But there has no winner at all...

After that, it was the dinner time. The food was delicious. I can say, well done, SAMS!
There was a performance between the guy after our dinner. They were arguing about the good things about their Light Saber, and Katana. It was quite fun and interesting.

Arguing on their weapon

Well, then there was a small forum talk about Anime and Manga here. Several people were chosen and have a small talk about anime and manga. But, it was end up with a debate... -.-"
Anyway, it was interesting, and attracted most of the audience tonight.

Anime VS Manga
Left side was the supporter of Anime. Right side was the supporter of Manga.
Rain was the middle man.

Next, the maids and butlers were choose several audience who full fill the requirement of the paper that they had picked up. And then, all of the audience were asked to dance on Hare Hare Yukai.

The maids and butlers of the night

After dancing, every selected audience were given 2 movie ticket, including me... XD
Then, the gathering has reach to the end.

Ok, that's all...
MAY post more about this soon. XD
Thanks for reading and support here.

Monday, December 3, 2007

E-Magic Corner

There was a PC fair since last Friday. I went there last evening, to buy thumb drive since it is very cheap. After that, when I'm going outside to the entrance there, I saw Kim and "Kong Kong". And then, I have joined them to have our late dinner.

We have decided to go E-Magic Corner, which is located behind the Upwell at Jalan Song there. I can tell that it's inexpensive compared to other cafe. So, we have our meal and play cards there.

My drink: Hawaii Special

Oh my dog! I have forget what drink is this... -.-"

Black Forest
This one not bad... Recommended.

Fish & Chip

Chicken Chop

Lamb Chop

Fried Fries

We have enjoy our meal there. But the fried fries was too salty. -.-"
However, we had finish the fried fries, although it was salty.
After our meal, we played Uno. That was fun since we keep disturb each other.
Then, we go back home since Kim's mother had rushed her to go back early.

Ok, that's all...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Termites Guide

It is believed that everyone afraid of termite, since they could destroy our lovely home easily. Several years ago, my house was "attacked" by termite. What they did were eat up the wood above the ceiling at the entrance of my house. I can say that we were lucky because the ceiling just starting to fall down. My mother had discovered that, and asked for help. The next day, a group of people came and checked for us. And then they sprayed some liquid around my house. Finally, the problem was solved.

Anyway, I believe it is important to know about
termite in order to protect our house. A website at, has talk about basic information of termites, kinds of termites, general advices on termites and etc... Some common questions also can be found in the site too.

Now, getting to know more about termite, and increase the resistance of your house against termite! XD

Saturday, December 1, 2007

1st of December

1st of December. It is the first day in December, but the last time of the year. Time passes very fast. Why do I say so? Well, it's because I have graduated from secondary school 1 year already!

1st December, 2006. It was my last day of SPM examination. I remember it was the Moral paper. I could see everyone were starting to smile while the invigilator collecting our paper. Everyone were so happy after that, and looking forward for the holiday. But now, everyone having their own business. Some of them are studying in college, just like me. Some working. Some studying in Form 6. Also, some of them have becoming more beautiful and handsome. These making me to look forward what will be happen the next coming day of 1st December, 2008.

Anyway, 5T1! I love you all, and lets work hard for our future!!!