Monday, December 3, 2007

E-Magic Corner

There was a PC fair since last Friday. I went there last evening, to buy thumb drive since it is very cheap. After that, when I'm going outside to the entrance there, I saw Kim and "Kong Kong". And then, I have joined them to have our late dinner.

We have decided to go E-Magic Corner, which is located behind the Upwell at Jalan Song there. I can tell that it's inexpensive compared to other cafe. So, we have our meal and play cards there.

My drink: Hawaii Special

Oh my dog! I have forget what drink is this... -.-"

Black Forest
This one not bad... Recommended.

Fish & Chip

Chicken Chop

Lamb Chop

Fried Fries

We have enjoy our meal there. But the fried fries was too salty. -.-"
However, we had finish the fried fries, although it was salty.
After our meal, we played Uno. That was fun since we keep disturb each other.
Then, we go back home since Kim's mother had rushed her to go back early.

Ok, that's all...


IguanaKia said...

Hi,izzit just behind Upwell?
Didn't know there is a new one behind it. Must go try try one day.
By the way,wondering do u mind we exchange link in our blog? I have added urs in my blog,

P/S: Did u buy a pen drive? 2GB? how much?...i am looking for 1 also.

ToMCaT said...

@uguanakia: Oh hi! Welcome to my blog. Yup, it's just behind the Upwell there.

Sure, I'll add you later.
Pendrive? Yup! I bought it in the PC fair at RM44.

JJzai said...


Ehon said...

hey, there'll be a bloggers' meet this coming sunday fully sponsored by tao! please do come!! ;)

more info on my blog -

let your friends knowww!! ;) :D

ToMCaT said...

@JJZai: Haha... Go eat then...

@ehon: Wow... Sound interesting... Thanks for telling me here...