Monday, December 31, 2007

My Last Post in Year 2007

Wow... Year 2007 is almost over. What have you done tonight? Celebrating? Count down? Haha... I believe that there are a lot of people attending the party for celebrating and counting down. Interestingly, there are a lot of people also staying at home, watching television.

A few days ago, one of my friend had asked me that,
"what thing(s) have you done that is meaningful to you in year 2007?"
Well, I could not reply him because I think I have done nothing that is meaningful to me. What a pity... Lol...

But anyway, year 2008 is coming soon. What are you going to do? It must be many interesting stuffs that you want to finish in your life. Haha...

Ok, I think that's all for my last post in year 2007. Hopefully year 2008 will be better.
Here by, wish every reader of my blog:

!!!Have A Nice Year, and Happy New Year 2008!!!
Let's say good bye to year 2007
Welcome the year 2008