Thursday, December 13, 2007

Old Shop - 11.12.2007

Another post on food and drinks again. It was last Tuesday. WaterMelon had asked me to go to his house because he had something wanted to show me. After that, WaterMelon decided to have a drinks outside and chat.

So, we went to Old Shop, located at Padungan there. And then, we had WaterMelon had his White Lady, and chicken nudget, I had my Ice Cincau and fried mee.

White Lady

Ice Cincau

Chicken Nudget

Fried Mee

A lot of crap we had been shared, and so our pass experience.
Anyway, this is my first time to Old Shop. It's price there still inexpensive compared to cafe. But if you compared with normal coffee shop, it's not cheap at all.
Ok, that's all...