Sunday, December 2, 2007

Termites Guide

It is believed that everyone afraid of termite, since they could destroy our lovely home easily. Several years ago, my house was "attacked" by termite. What they did were eat up the wood above the ceiling at the entrance of my house. I can say that we were lucky because the ceiling just starting to fall down. My mother had discovered that, and asked for help. The next day, a group of people came and checked for us. And then they sprayed some liquid around my house. Finally, the problem was solved.

Anyway, I believe it is important to know about
termite in order to protect our house. A website at, has talk about basic information of termites, kinds of termites, general advices on termites and etc... Some common questions also can be found in the site too.

Now, getting to know more about termite, and increase the resistance of your house against termite! XD