Thursday, November 29, 2007

SAMS Anime Gathering 2007

Are you an anime fan, figurine / gundams collectors? Here we have a Anime Gathering organized by Swinburne Anime and Manga Society (SAMS). Haha... Interested? Well, all of you are welcome to join the gathering as long as you are the fan of anime or figurine / gundams collectors, and living in Kuching now. Do not worry, although you are not the student of Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus), you are still welcome to join the gathering too...

Date: 7th Dec 2007 (Friday)
Venue: Swinburne Training Block Hall (room 1.03C)

Time: 6.30 - 10.00pm

Ticket price: RM15

Attire: Semi-formal (no t-shirt, rugged / casual clothes, and no very short mini skirt)

For more information, you can always visit the official website of SAMS at, or you can always contact me by email to Thank you.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have joined PayPerPost!

I have registered PayPerPost since last week. I thought my blog was not approved by them. But today, PayPerPost suprise me! They have sent an email to me, notice me that my blog, ToMCaT's Area has been approved... Wow... I'm so excited and happy.

Anyway, you must be ask me why am I so happy being approve by them. Am I crazy or what? Well, actually I wanted to join PayPerPost for few months ago, but I did not join because I do not have a Paypal account. After I have a Paypal account, I decided to join PayPerPost.

The reason why I join PayPerPost is because it can increase my pocket money easily by writing a post or review. Also, I'm having problem on what to write about on my blog, which means I have no idea what to write or post in my blog. But, PayPerPost help me to solve my problem here because there are many things to write about, that will help me to choose my own topic for blogging, at the same time, I can make money too...

Wow... I can't wait to earn money through PayPerPost, because I'm having my financial problem here. I need money to buy many things, such as Sony PSP, 2GB pendrive, and etc... It's my wish to have a PSP because I never have a gaming console. If it is possible, I wish I can buy a high capacity pendrive, because 256MB pendrive is not enough for me now. So I hope I can get one very soon... XD

Haha... Looking forward on PayPerPost? Click here...

Anyway, thanks to PayPerPost for approving my blog. XD

Monday, November 26, 2007

Believe or Not Believe?

I am working since the new Summer Semester started 1 week ago. And, a lot of thing have been happened when I'm working. Referring to my topic here, believe or not believe. I think you will say, "why and what"...

Here is the point that I want to tell you. We have sell Preserved Egg, but it is out of stock since few weeks ago. One customer has came and asked me where is the preserved egg. I answered directly that it is out of stock. Now, guess what the customer answer to me? She said, "Are you sure it is out of stock?". And I answer her again that, "yes, it has been out of stock for long time already". But then, she go and ask the other sale assistant, who is older and more experience than me. After ask the other sale assistant, then she believe it is out of stock.

Wow!!! Many people DO NOT believe on teenagers like us!!! Customer like this are mostly married, and more than 40. It's not only 1 customer is like this, but MANY!!! I hate them... -.-" Many customer also think that teenagers like us, do not know how to do everything, and treat us do not know anything. My question here, why are they do not believe in us? = /

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Two Talking Cats

They are cool, aren't they? XD

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tagged by JJ

As you can see, I have been tagged by JJ.
So, let's start.... XD

1. Do this tag and answer all the question into your own blog.
2. Delete one question from all the question and add one of your own question, make sure it is 20 question.
3. Tag 8 person.

1. What is your dream when you are small kid?
I have no idea. May be someone that is unique, such as people who has the natural power.

2. What is the happiest thing in your whole life?
Able to have my lovely family and friends.

3. What you wish to have now?
I need money, to buy anything I want, such as Sony PSP, clothes, laptop, external hard disk and etc...

4. How long you never horselaugh?
Everyday I think...

5. What did you realize this recently?
I'm an anti social person... LOL...

6. Which bad habit that you cant accept the most?
No manner at all in front of the olderly.

7. When you got something unhappy, what will you do?
Keep it, but normally will tell my friend that I'm trusted.

8. What you afraid of losing?
Nothing to do when I'm working because time pass hardly.

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realism one?
Get my degree certificate and starting to earn money.

10. When you met someone that you like, will you profess or hide your feeling?
I'll hide my feeling first...

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.
Stingy, look down on people, and unfriendly.

12. What is loneliness?
A feeling that you will feel lonely. You can try it yourself by having your meal alone at food stall or restaurant.

13. Do you satisfy of your life now? Do you think any changes should make?
I'm satisfy with my life now.

14. When is the most recent time you feel touch?
No idea.

15. Where is the place that you visited and you feel the most beautiful?
May be the Damai beach in Kuching? XD

16. Use a song to describe you feel for this recently.
A song? No idea... Lol...

17. If you have a wish to come true, what is it?
Bring happiness to everyone, and world peace.

18. Do you have anything to worry or scare this recently?
I am worry about my study this recently.

19. If the World is going to end, what will you do?
Try to eat as much as I can, because there are many delicious food around the world!

20. Do you think that you are cheap or expensive?
Expensive, of course! XD

8 person to tag:
Darren, Kiam, Serene, Kuro Chan, SwatWolf, Frederic, Intel, and RollsRoyce.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Nuffnang 2.0

Wow... Nuffnang has update it's website! I typed in the nuffnang web address. And, wow! Nuffnang has update it's website, with beautiful design! Honestly, I do not like nuffnang website since I joined nuffnang. But now, it's different... I like it so much... @_@

Haha... Anyway, check it out... You will find more interesting stuff there. XD

Jong's Crocodile Farm Visit Day

Haha... We have finally here!
Well, we have planned to visit crocodile farm since last two weeks, but never success.
Anyway, we made it today! XD

We meet at ST. Tomas school gate there, and used a bus to go to the Jong's Crocodile Farm, at 18 mines there... There are 8 persons, including the bus driver. Ah... The bus driver is really a nice guy, and friendly... And then, we meet at 7.30am. And everyone were already there when I arrive, since I'm late... LOL...

The front look of the entrance
Ahh... Finally we are here!

After pay money for the entrance fee, the first thing we saw was, the Green Iguana of South America. Wow... they are big, aren't they?

Green Iguana of South America

Skull of White-backed Killer Crocodile
"Bujang Senang"

And then we have Peacock.
It's sad that it didn't open it's tail...

Wow... Be careful, they're ready to eat you all... XD

Tailess Crocodile

Then we saw a beautiful spider web
It's beautiful, isn't it?

Cassowary of New Guinea (Casuarius)
"Hey, don't look at me!" -.-"

Well, we saw monkeys, pigs, dears, and etc... there... So sad that I didn't take any nice photos of them, since the sun light problem made the photos look bad. Besides that, they were far away, so I can't take the closer photos of them. If I zoom it, photos taken will be blur too... T_T

Oh ya... We went to the children area too...

Well, I do not know what bird is this... l - . - l"
But it's beautiful...

So cute~ XD

Then, it's goat...

And then, we took a rest and wait until 11am, which was the feeding time for crocodile.

Cool... The crocodile was jumping...
It was trying to eat the dead duck

Sorry, no closer photo since the crocodiles don't eat the ducks anymore, although there are still duck there, when I get closer.
OMG! My friend and I have found something interesting...
What is it? What is it? Tell me!
Haha... Well, it's about the sign board.

Look at the sign board. It says no throwing bottle or tin into the crocodile area. Also, no swimming inside the pond of crocodile area. Well, the funning thing here is, who dare to swim together with crocodiles in the pond there? l - . -l" LOL...

After finish watching, then we have our lunch together at 4 1/2 mine, Everise there. Ahh... there are many people around there... @_@"

After lunch, we go back to ST. Tomas, and everyone were go back home... Tired... T_T
Haha... That's all. Thanks for reading.


Monday - 12nd November, 2007

I was doing nothing but dreaming nothing that night. And then, suddenly my secondary classmate, came to my house and ask me to go out have some drinks. Well, I have nothing to do, so I followed them to Isabella.

Hmm... I never hear, and go there before. But that night, my friends brought me there.
Wow... The environment there is cool... And then we have ordered some drinks, fried fries, and a Fried Maggie Mee... After that, we kept on chatting to each other... XD

Our drinks
Look nice right? XD

Fried Fries

Fried Maggie Mee
Not bad... Can try...

Ok, that's all...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kaze no Stigma

Well, it's an anime that I'm watching right now.
Hmm... I'm still watching, and it quite interesting actually.
If you like anime that talk about magical power, you should like this anime.
I believe many of you may watch this anime already. But I just introduced by my friend that this anime is quite interesting and nice...

Kaze no Stigma, also called Stigma of the Wind in English. It is a Japanese light novel series written by Takahiro Yamato and illustrated by Hanamaru Nanto. An anime television series adaptation directed by Junichi Sakata and animated by Gonzo began airing on April 11, 2007.


Four years ago, Kazuma Kannagi was defeated by his cousin Ayano Kannagi for the right to be the successor of Enraiha, a sword passed down in the Kannagi family. His defeat, along with his lack of talent for En-Jutsu, the fire arts, the Kannagis' specialty, resulted in his banishment from the family. Now, Kazuma returns as Kazuma Yagami, a skilled master of Fū-Jutsu, the wind arts.

What are you waiting for? Download the whole anime and watch it!
Fill in your free time and holiday with anime, since holiday is started already... XD
Kaze no Stigma can be downloaded at here. But you are required to register as a member in order to download it. Do not worry, it's free... XS

Ok, that's all...


Friday, November 2, 2007

A Leisure Day

Wow... I'm so free since my final exam was over. And now, it's the time for waiting my results release. What should I going to do this few weeks before the results are release?

Well, Kim has asked me to go with her for doing survey of the players for her car. We meet at campus about 12pm, and there are several friends were following too. So, Kim, Carol, HK, "Kong Kong", Jessica, Fu Yong, and me went to do the survey together.
What we did were comparing the prices between each kind of players. After that, they decided to go Crown Square to have some drinks. And there, we saw Jimmy, bringing his friends there enjoy delicious food in a small Japanese restaurant, which is just beside the Rakutei Japanese Restaurant.
And then, we just sit down in the Japanese restaurant, since we have already inside.
Haha... So, I have ordered Chocolate Shake.

My chocolate shake

Well, since Kong Kong's friend is working there, he asked his friend to give us some special for our drinks. As a result, my drink was became special.
Hmm... Ya... It's special. But, it's too sweet... -.-"
Why? Lol... the drinks maker put too many chocolate... -.-"
What I can say in BM is, "terlalu terbal"... @_@"

Anyway, I still need to thank you Kong Kong and his friends for giving us such as special drinks.
After that, we went back to our campus, and attended SAMS general meeting. And then everyone were back to their own business.

Ok, that's all... Thanks for reading and support...
Remember to leave a comment ya... ^_^