Friday, November 2, 2007

A Leisure Day

Wow... I'm so free since my final exam was over. And now, it's the time for waiting my results release. What should I going to do this few weeks before the results are release?

Well, Kim has asked me to go with her for doing survey of the players for her car. We meet at campus about 12pm, and there are several friends were following too. So, Kim, Carol, HK, "Kong Kong", Jessica, Fu Yong, and me went to do the survey together.
What we did were comparing the prices between each kind of players. After that, they decided to go Crown Square to have some drinks. And there, we saw Jimmy, bringing his friends there enjoy delicious food in a small Japanese restaurant, which is just beside the Rakutei Japanese Restaurant.
And then, we just sit down in the Japanese restaurant, since we have already inside.
Haha... So, I have ordered Chocolate Shake.

My chocolate shake

Well, since Kong Kong's friend is working there, he asked his friend to give us some special for our drinks. As a result, my drink was became special.
Hmm... Ya... It's special. But, it's too sweet... -.-"
Why? Lol... the drinks maker put too many chocolate... -.-"
What I can say in BM is, "terlalu terbal"... @_@"

Anyway, I still need to thank you Kong Kong and his friends for giving us such as special drinks.
After that, we went back to our campus, and attended SAMS general meeting. And then everyone were back to their own business.

Ok, that's all... Thanks for reading and support...
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