Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have joined PayPerPost!

I have registered PayPerPost since last week. I thought my blog was not approved by them. But today, PayPerPost suprise me! They have sent an email to me, notice me that my blog, ToMCaT's Area has been approved... Wow... I'm so excited and happy.

Anyway, you must be ask me why am I so happy being approve by them. Am I crazy or what? Well, actually I wanted to join PayPerPost for few months ago, but I did not join because I do not have a Paypal account. After I have a Paypal account, I decided to join PayPerPost.

The reason why I join PayPerPost is because it can increase my pocket money easily by writing a post or review. Also, I'm having problem on what to write about on my blog, which means I have no idea what to write or post in my blog. But, PayPerPost help me to solve my problem here because there are many things to write about, that will help me to choose my own topic for blogging, at the same time, I can make money too...

Wow... I can't wait to earn money through PayPerPost, because I'm having my financial problem here. I need money to buy many things, such as Sony PSP, 2GB pendrive, and etc... It's my wish to have a PSP because I never have a gaming console. If it is possible, I wish I can buy a high capacity pendrive, because 256MB pendrive is not enough for me now. So I hope I can get one very soon... XD

Haha... Looking forward on PayPerPost? Click here...

Anyway, thanks to PayPerPost for approving my blog. XD


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