Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jong's Crocodile Farm Visit Day

Haha... We have finally here!
Well, we have planned to visit crocodile farm since last two weeks, but never success.
Anyway, we made it today! XD

We meet at ST. Tomas school gate there, and used a bus to go to the Jong's Crocodile Farm, at 18 mines there... There are 8 persons, including the bus driver. Ah... The bus driver is really a nice guy, and friendly... And then, we meet at 7.30am. And everyone were already there when I arrive, since I'm late... LOL...

The front look of the entrance
Ahh... Finally we are here!

After pay money for the entrance fee, the first thing we saw was, the Green Iguana of South America. Wow... they are big, aren't they?

Green Iguana of South America

Skull of White-backed Killer Crocodile
"Bujang Senang"

And then we have Peacock.
It's sad that it didn't open it's tail...

Wow... Be careful, they're ready to eat you all... XD

Tailess Crocodile

Then we saw a beautiful spider web
It's beautiful, isn't it?

Cassowary of New Guinea (Casuarius)
"Hey, don't look at me!" -.-"

Well, we saw monkeys, pigs, dears, and etc... there... So sad that I didn't take any nice photos of them, since the sun light problem made the photos look bad. Besides that, they were far away, so I can't take the closer photos of them. If I zoom it, photos taken will be blur too... T_T

Oh ya... We went to the children area too...

Well, I do not know what bird is this... l - . - l"
But it's beautiful...

So cute~ XD

Then, it's goat...

And then, we took a rest and wait until 11am, which was the feeding time for crocodile.

Cool... The crocodile was jumping...
It was trying to eat the dead duck

Sorry, no closer photo since the crocodiles don't eat the ducks anymore, although there are still duck there, when I get closer.
OMG! My friend and I have found something interesting...
What is it? What is it? Tell me!
Haha... Well, it's about the sign board.

Look at the sign board. It says no throwing bottle or tin into the crocodile area. Also, no swimming inside the pond of crocodile area. Well, the funning thing here is, who dare to swim together with crocodiles in the pond there? l - . -l" LOL...

After finish watching, then we have our lunch together at 4 1/2 mine, Everise there. Ahh... there are many people around there... @_@"

After lunch, we go back to ST. Tomas, and everyone were go back home... Tired... T_T
Haha... That's all. Thanks for reading.