Friday, August 10, 2007

Review on 804 Kuching Festival Parade 2007 Cosplay

Well, it's really cool to have a cosplay in the parade.
I'm really happy and enjoy to join this event, although I have wasted so much money. (about RM100 for costume and my bow)

One more thing, it's lucky that it was not raining that day.
If it was rain,
our costume = die

Anyway, hopefully I still can join any other cosplay event, because it's really cool to cosplay.
But money will wasted a lot... T_T

Ok, that's all...

Special Thanks:

OC of the performance this time. Thank you very much for advising and helping. No Intel, the performance will not be so successfull...

Anwar, Keh Shiun and Rain:
Thanks for helping in taking photos and carrying items. XD

Thanks for helping me and others to style our hair. Can be our Hair-dresser next time... =>

Ah Boon's Mother:
Thanks for your help in making our costume in cheap price, because no people wants to make our costume... -.-"

Allen Walker:
Thanks for your glove. Sorry that I dirty your glove... (full of my hand's sweat) -.-"

All Other Cosplayers:
(Kim, Serene, Lance, LRP, Jessica, Fung Yun, AJay, SwatWolf, and Destiny)
Thanks you all help me in the process for this event. And it's really fun to work with you all. Hopefully can work together again next time.

If I have miss out someone else, please inform me by chat box. Thank you.