Monday, August 6, 2007

804 Kuching Festival Parade 2007 Cosplay (Part 2)

Haha... Finally collected all the photos from our photographer.
For report, the total of all photos are 1589 pieces.
Cool right?

Well, I have choose some of the photo from there, enjoy it...

Before the parade start, let's pose and take some photos...

All cosplayers, supporting members, and Swin staff

This is our Choir Club
Cool right?

Once more...

Yeah... Take photo with our hair-dresser, Sheng.

Let's pose and let others take photos.

Dancing while in the parade

Performance between Hilton and Parkson

After performance, let's pose pose pose again XD

It's time to kill people here... XD

Dancing before entering the stage in Padang Merdeka

Preparing in the stage in Padang Merdeka.
Waiting the Choir Club's performance

Our Choir Club is performing

Yeah... Finally over! Let's take some photos...

Yeah... All performers taking photos...

Ok, that's all...

Please be informed that all the photos in this post are taken by our photographer, Anwar, Keh Shiun, and Rain. (Anwar the most) XD


Serene said...

lol Pose pose! XD So bz ho..? :P You forgot to thank Ah Boon's mum le.. and nerd & Keh shiun for taking the photos n video ^^"


ToMCaT said...

Haha... Added liao... XD
Thanks for reminding me...