Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blackout in Sarawak

Well, this will be another boring post again... Haha...
I had my dinner around 6pm as usual today. After my dinner, I continue on my C&C 3 Kane's Wrath. When I almost defeat the computer at 6.40pm, Poopp!!! Oh my god, power failure... >.>"

Therefore, I unplug all the cables of my computer that is connected to the socket. Next, what to do? I walked out from my computer room and go outside to have a look. Lol... So I discovered that was not only my house having blackout.

This is the house that is in front of my house
You can see the light there, but that was a emergency light... =D

Nothing I can do without electricity. Suddenly, I remember that I have to ask my friend's father about my debit card. After the call, my friend told me that he is having blackout as well. So, I sms Sheng, and he replied that it is the same for his house. Therefore, I know that whole Kuching is having power failure, and so the whole Sarawak... >.>ll

As the sky was getting darker and darker, I sat down and chat with my parents. Of course, we have our emergency light. Nothing else we can do except waiting for the electricity. And I was looking at the candle... (Lol... Where got so emo? =.=ll)


At 9.15pm, electricity is back. Everyone was so happy... =D
Therefore, Destiny, Sheng, and I decided to go to Jalan Song "lim teh".
When we were chatting, something was wrong again. Blackout... Lol... It was 10.35pm.
A few minutes later, the waiters and waitress putting up the candles for every tables. Suddenly, a normal coffee shop had transformed into a romantic and high class cafe. =.=ll

Stalls have their own candle... =D

And here, I took a blur photo... =.=ll

The round yellow and orange thing are the fire light of the candles
(Tables around the coffee shop)

Too bad I only managed to get a blur photo. I didn't take another photo again because everyone was looking at me... very "pai seh" lol...

Luckily, when I was on my way to my home, the electricity is back, and everything becomes normal again. (at 11pm)

So, for a summary:
6.40pm : Blackout started
9.15pm : Everything becomes normal for me
10.35pm : Blackout started again
10.55pm : Everything becomes normal until now.

Ok, I think that's all. Anyway, have you enjoy yourself while in the blackout? XD
Thanks for reading... =D