Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Since my blog has some traffics from the keywords about Cabal, I'm going to share with you all about Cabal bot here.

CabalRider is a bot which is able to help you on training your in game skill level, as well as character level.

The common functions that you can find within the bot:

  1. Auto HP
  2. Auto MP
  3. Auto loot
  4. Large inventory (not recommended)
  5. Add a hot key to select mobs
  6. Auto leveling (level and skill)
  7. Item filter
  8. Auto sell and buy
I don't recommend players to use the large inventory function because it is easy to get banned. Anyway, for more information about the CabalRider, please visit the site at

For CabalSEA players (Kuching Area), you can always contact me through my chat box, or leave a comment here to purchase the bot reload card, because my brother is selling... =D