Tuesday, July 31, 2007

AJay with My Lemon

Hmm... it's happened this afternoon when I was having my lunch, with Kim, Hui Lin, and AJay.
After I have finish my Iced Lemon Tea,

O... M... G... AJay starting to take my lemons and tortured them! @_@"

AJay torturing my lemon with my straw. -.-"

After the first one, he also started with the second one. But with fork. =.="

AJay: Yeah... Finish torturing your 2 lemons, let's start to place them together...
SWEAT... @_@"

After that, using my straw again, make a smile for his design.

Lol... I can't believe that, our AJay is so creative!!!
Hopefully will got more fun soon... XD

Oh yeah... I almost forget what AJay has said.
Hmm... He said about the chemical reaction for the lemons... Because before we go, Kim, and AJay started to mix the chili sos, and my Green Curry Chicken soup, with the lemon. -.-"

After mixed, there's a reaction between the chemical. And all the people in there will becoming Lemon Zombie... Lol... And then after the Lemon Zombie sucked people's blood, all the people will become Lemon Zombie too...

Haha... What a funny joke... XD

Play First at Jumboplay

Hmm... Getting bored? Especially for some of my friends who are always staying at Open Lab for doing nothing?
(Open Lab is an open computer lab for students in Swinburne)

Haha... let me introduce you all a website to play some trial games, at


You can free play (try out the game) many of the games, at the free play section in the site.

Do I need to download it to try?
Yes, you can. But there is a web play included. So, why not using web play, and start playing immediately? Lol... XD

Well, it's only a trial version.
If you're professional enough, I believe there is a way to break it, isn't it?
But anyway, you can always try out in open lab.
And, please be careful when you're playing. XD

Anyway, you can always buy the game through the site in RM, not in USD.
It's quite "cheap" actually.
For those who are support original, please buy it, and do not break the code for trial version. XD

Free Online Converters

Well, it's seem I have long time didn't update my blog.
Here by, I'm going to introduce and share with you all about free online converters that I have discovered.

Hmm... The first one, Media Convert, at http://media-convert.com/

Media-Convert is 100% free, and no software is needed. It's simply because Media-Convert is the best manner of converting audio files, video, presentation, document, spreadsheet, etc. But the download speed is quite slow. Anyway, you can always to try it out.

The second one, Vixy, at www.vixy.net

This is a free video converter.
What's so special? Well, we can download the movies that they have converted, with high download speed. Many of the free converter website are slow download speed, but not for Vixy.net. So, it's save our time on keep waiting for downloading.

You can always try it, especially download the converted Youtube videos, which are your favorites. Now... It's time to try them out!!! XD

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fate Stay Night Figuring

Haha... I have take some pictures of my collection. (Actually it's my brother's one) @_@"
Well, it's Fate Stay Night, trading figures. Hmm... he bought them all in KL. But I do not know where did he buy these.

My favorite



Don't look at me, or I will kill you... XD

Ok, that's all...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A "Busy" Afternoon & KCH Festival Parade Rehearsal 4

Wow... What a "busy" afternoon it is...
Well, we have help Steven on notice board this afternoon.
And, we were all very "busy"... Lol...

Look! Isn't it we were very busy? Lol... -.-"

After that, we have our Kuching festival parade rehearsal again.
This is the rehearsal number 4.
Finally we have the idea of the last part of the dance.
But have to thank our lovely, and kindly friend, Intel, who have think of the idea.

Let's start fighting! It's me, the yellow shirt, and VK, the blue shirt.

Hiak Hiak... Let me hack AJay's laptop.... XD

Ok, that's all...

Kuching Festival Parade Rehearsal 3

Haha... Rehearsal again!
Hmm... Well... it's quite fun...
But we haven't finish thinking of the last part of our dance.
How? How? How? Any idea? No... -.-"

AJay is playing The Sims 2 while waiting the other.

OMG! Kim, what are you doing there?
Stealing? @_@"

Me: Expelliarmus!
Lol... Casting spell on AJay...

Wow... We're dicsussing our dance.
Everyone look busy, but not me... XD

AJay: Ah... the mouse is so heavy! Somebody help me please!

Ok, that's all. It's better short and sweet.
Thanks for reading...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Lotus Root" Soup

"Lotus root" soup was in my dinner today.
(I don't know what we called in English, but it's "莲藕" in chinese)

What's the matter?
Hmm? Something special?
Ya... It's remind me again, again, and again.
Everytime I have Lotus Root Soup, it's starting to remind me.

What it is?! Straight to the point! Lol...

Actually, it always remind me the death of my aunt, who was passed away last year.
It's cancel. She was sick because of the stupid cancel.
Why? The cancel made my aunt didn't feel want to eat, and feeling always full.
My aunt was became thinner, thinner, and thinner.

I remember that was when our Chinese New Year.
We fly to KL, just to visit her, and that was my very very last time to see her.
Why? Why am I talking about Lotus Root Soup? Am I out of the topic?

It's remind me that, my father bought and take away the lotus root soup for my aunt, from the Hong Kong Noodle restaurant, in Sungai Wang there, since my aunt didn't feeling well.
My aunt was tried her best on drinking the soup, since she didn't take so much food. (May be only 1 or 2 spoons)

But, what she has drink and ate, were all vomit out.
After few days, she started to eat, without vomiting out.
I was happy. And there's a hope for her to alive.
Because it's impossible for a person to live without eating, since she didn't eat a lot.

But the hope was not come.

Well, it's keep reminding me when I see lotus root. Even when I'm working, I saw the lotus root, which were for sale, it's reminding me too.

Am I thinking so much? No... But it's only always reminding me, the sadness of my lovely aunt.

Kuching Festival Parade Rehearsal 2

Well well... We have our emergency rehearsal tonight. It was quite fun and enjoyable.
But the problem is, we still do not have any idea for the dance part.
What should we dance? I don't know...

I'm going to share some funny pictures that I have took.

Intel: Expelliarmus!
Intel is casting spell, Expelliarmus, from Harry Potter.

OMG! Look! It is somebody's shoes!

Ahh...! What is that? AJay, is that "dirty" thing? @_@"
I think it's better don't any picture at night... XD

Wa... Everyone is trying to "liak chua" here... (Means to be lazy)

After our rehearsal, we have went to King Center there to have our supper.
OMG! Intel was ate a plate on fast food! (rice, not something like burger)
It's sad that I couldn't take the picture of it.

Wa... It's my Kolo Mee... Yummy...

Ok, I think that's all for this update. Thanks for your reading and please kindly drop me some comments when you're free.

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Bow! Finally...

Well, I have finish my bow this afternoon.
Hmm... it's look nice from far, but it's "cacat" when we look closer... -.-"
Anyway, I need some suggestions from my friends, when I have bring my bow for the rehearsal.

Here it is my bow...
How it is? Nice?
Drop me a comment to tell me how it is, and your opinions too... ^_^"

For the previous post about my bow, please refer to the link below:
On My Way To Make My Bow
Continue On My Bow

Nooooooo...! How can it be?

The things that I scare the most has come.
Nooo... How can it be?
Why? Why? Why?
I have try my very best on it, but still...

Loading... 10%

Loading... 50%

Loading... 90%

Loading complete...

What am I talking about? =.="
What "no"?

Hmm... actually... it is....

I have fail my Physics A!!!
The course that I hate the most, and I hope I can finish it as soon as possible, because this course is torturing me!!!

Ah... Why? Why? Why?

Firefox with Google Toolbar

Wow... Firefox is a browser actually... (I believe all of you will know that)
Hmm... It's quite good to be use, and it's easy too...
I started to like Firefox browser since I came to Swinburne.

Why? It's because I need a safer browser to surf the net in open lab, or else my things may "explore out"... Lol...
I can easily clear all the cookies, passwords, and etc... after browsing. So, people would not be that easy to find you! XD

Let me make a very simple introduction about Firefox with Google Toolbar here.

- Pop-up blocker
- Tabbed browsing
- Easy feed subscriptions
- Alerts about unsafe web pages

Google Toolbar:
- Instant search suggestions
- One-click form filler
- Highlighted search terms
- Automated security and feature updates

Haha... above this I have copy from Google. Hope you don't mind... XD
Now, It's time download Firefox with Google Toolbar now.
You can download it by clicking the banner at the very bottom of the site.
If you have Firefox, but you don't have the Google Toolbar, you can download it there.
If you have both of them, you can download it again as a backup too... Hehe...

Ok, that's all...

Continue on my bow

Well, I have took about 2 hours again for my bow today.
I have stick the both surface together now...
But after that, I have discovered that my bow got a bit "cacat" one... -.-"
And, I only left colouring. Hopefully it will be looks nice after colouring.

Here is my bow...

Haha... After that, I have cooked instant noodle...
Wow... It's delicious...
Do you want some? XD

Okay, that's all for this update.
Thanks for reading and please kindly drop me some comments when you're free.

Jalan Tun Jugah has a very "good" traffic

After I have back from the rehearsal today, I was went to petrol station because my car almost out of petrol... (Luckily didn't short of petrol on the way) @_@"
When I have arrive Jalan Tun Jugah, wow... there has a very "good" traffic.
Where it is? Well, it's the Stampin primary school there, and it was about 6pm.

Why do I say that?
Well, there are 3 roads totally, and those cars have been stop or parked at the road side, which has already takes 2 roads. So, it's only left 1 road to go...
What the...? It's make the traffic JAM!!!

This road is consider as HIGH WAY, but yet, still traffic jam, just because of the "nice mother and father", who are waiting for their children. What I can says is, do they need to park their car in front of their classroom or not? -.-"

3 roads have became 1 road

Wa... So many cars...

Wow... So many cars... =.="

Hmm... Will police come here? My answer is, no...
Why do I say so? Because it's happen every weekdays,
except school holiday... -.-"

Kuching Festival Parade Rehearsal

Well, it was our rehearsal today.
It's look like everyone is trying their best for practices.
What we have practice this afternoon was the dance for the performance.
And also, VK and Intel were practice for the fighting.

Ahh... Look at Intel! He is going to bully me again! -.-"
At the same time, our Jessica was trying to take picture too.

Okay... It's short and sweet for this post here.
Thanks for reading, and don't forget to leave some comments too... XD

Thursday, July 19, 2007

On My Way To Make My Bow

Haha... I'm making my spiritual bow for Ishida cosplay.
Wow... It's hard to make a bow... not like make a katana or sword.
What I have done now is, the skeleton of my bow.
I haven't stick my 2 bow surface yet.

Started to cut the shape out of my spiritual bow

After cut, I have made the skeleton for it to make sure it is strong enough

My spiritual bow will be something like this.

Well, I will continue it tomorrow for sticking the surface, and colouring.
But I'm still thinking the way to colouring.
If you have any suggestions of colouring, please kindly drop me a comment.
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

[PC] Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, is the fifth series of Harry Potter.
(I believe all of you should know this...)

Well, the Hogwart has been re-created for you to explore, means you can explore everywhere you like now. The map is quite big, but sometime it makes you sick because it's far to move from where you are to the destination. -.-"

Mini games are also included. You can try to play those mini games inside when you're sick on playing... (Because you're stuck!) -.-"
One more thing, the musics inside are good too. Actually, they have a orchestra team, to play the musics, that's why the music inside are so good and nice.

The most interesting in this series is, the fighting feature. You can fight any Slytherin's student in the game. Fight them thousand times also can... XD
And the other interesting part also, the way you cast the spell.
Well, you will fall in love with the way how it cast after you have try it. XD

There are 12 spells can be use in the game.

Non-combat Spell:
Wingardium Leviosa: Use to pick up objects
Accio: Used to bring objects to you.
Depulso: Used to push objects away from you.
Reparo: Repair broken objects.
Reducto: Used to smash an object.
Incendio: Set objects on fire.

Combat Spell (Dueling Spell):
Stupefy: Stun opponents.
Rictumsempra: Tickling charm, to be used against animate objects.
Expelliarmus: Disarm opponents.
Protego: Deflect Spells.
Levicorpus: Levitate an opponent briefly.
Petrificus Totalus: Paralyze opponent

Here are some pictures from Gamespot. Hope you all can enjoy it.

That is our "lovely" Professor Umbridge

Hmm... Ok, I think that's all for the update again. Thanks for reading and please kindly leave some comments when you're free. Thank you

Kuching Festival Parade Cosplay Meeting

Haha... Today I went to school to do my enrolment for my second semester.
Wow... It was so many people trying to enrol. Luckily all my course were not full. XD

After that, I went to open lab. Haha... It's long time that I didn't go to open lab...
And I started to play a flash game in addicting game's website.

Haha... I have finally finish the game!!!

Wow... Looks! It's Adrian trying to kil AJay!
Someone go and stop them please!
(Fighting is not allowed in open lab!) XD

Hmm... Our Miss kUrO-chan trying to take pictures, so that she can update her blog.

Ahh... It's out Kuching Festival Parade Cosplay Meeting! It's will be cool... Can't wait for rehearsal now.

Well, that's all for my update here. Thanks for reading, and please leave some comment here too.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Somethings That Is Funny

Haha... I have found something funny to share here...
But I do not know whether have you guys see it before or not.

The first one...
Pictures from a lift. It's special...

Ahh... Be careful! Don't fall down, or you will die!

The second one...
Special calculation answer for Mathematic.

I think I can try by using this method to answer my mathematic next time... XD

Survey On ToM Reader

Good day everyone...
Well, I want to do a survey on my reader, or visitor...
It's only a few simple questions, which is powered by Avertlets.
Please kindly answer the questions at my sidebar there,
or you can click here also...

Thank you for taking your time here.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Physics A Assessment?

Yeah... The mark for the Physics A, assessment is out...

Ah... How can it be?
How can pass with this mark? T_T
It don't even got the 50% of them...
Haiz... Why? Why? Why?

If I want to pass, my final should get more than 57.9%...
But it's seem I can't...
Oh God... Let me pass this time, please... T_T

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My New K810i

Wow... It's unbelievable!

I just wrote about my introduction of K810i, clicked publish, then my father ask me whether want to go to see my phone or not...
In the end, my father bought it for me!

Happy right? No actually.
I don't know why, I feel more unhappy after buy this. Is it may be my father bought the phone, but I never do something good for him? I just feel sorry for wasting his money buying my phone.

I may also think about him, what will he think about after bought the phone...
He may think that, "Haiz... I have used RM1330, for my son's phone today."
I know it's hard to earn money, because I did work too.

What if I fail my course? I feel more sorry about this to him, because have to waste money again to repeat. Well, I wish I won't fail, so that I'll not feel so sorry to him.
The result hasn't out yet, I wish I can pass all the course, please...

New phone... It's keep reminding me about my lovely K750i. I started to compare my new phone with my last K750i, which was stolen by an unknown person.
I don't know... It just keep reminding me... I feel so sad also...
May be my K750i is memorable?
Why? There is some memory of pass school life, and the most important is, the memory of my aunt, who was died last year, after few weeks I bought my phone.

Why am I feel so down? I should be happy, isn't it?
I can't understand, why I'm so down.
Keep smiling... I will... I will try my best...

Below are some pictures that I took for the box of my phone.

Some of the pictures are blur... (actually all -.-")
Because I didn't setting well... L... O... L...