Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Free Online Converters

Well, it's seem I have long time didn't update my blog.
Here by, I'm going to introduce and share with you all about free online converters that I have discovered.

Hmm... The first one, Media Convert, at http://media-convert.com/

Media-Convert is 100% free, and no software is needed. It's simply because Media-Convert is the best manner of converting audio files, video, presentation, document, spreadsheet, etc. But the download speed is quite slow. Anyway, you can always to try it out.

The second one, Vixy, at www.vixy.net

This is a free video converter.
What's so special? Well, we can download the movies that they have converted, with high download speed. Many of the free converter website are slow download speed, but not for Vixy.net. So, it's save our time on keep waiting for downloading.

You can always try it, especially download the converted Youtube videos, which are your favorites. Now... It's time to try them out!!! XD