Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Lotus Root" Soup

"Lotus root" soup was in my dinner today.
(I don't know what we called in English, but it's "莲藕" in chinese)

What's the matter?
Hmm? Something special?
Ya... It's remind me again, again, and again.
Everytime I have Lotus Root Soup, it's starting to remind me.

What it is?! Straight to the point! Lol...

Actually, it always remind me the death of my aunt, who was passed away last year.
It's cancel. She was sick because of the stupid cancel.
Why? The cancel made my aunt didn't feel want to eat, and feeling always full.
My aunt was became thinner, thinner, and thinner.

I remember that was when our Chinese New Year.
We fly to KL, just to visit her, and that was my very very last time to see her.
Why? Why am I talking about Lotus Root Soup? Am I out of the topic?

It's remind me that, my father bought and take away the lotus root soup for my aunt, from the Hong Kong Noodle restaurant, in Sungai Wang there, since my aunt didn't feeling well.
My aunt was tried her best on drinking the soup, since she didn't take so much food. (May be only 1 or 2 spoons)

But, what she has drink and ate, were all vomit out.
After few days, she started to eat, without vomiting out.
I was happy. And there's a hope for her to alive.
Because it's impossible for a person to live without eating, since she didn't eat a lot.

But the hope was not come.

Well, it's keep reminding me when I see lotus root. Even when I'm working, I saw the lotus root, which were for sale, it's reminding me too.

Am I thinking so much? No... But it's only always reminding me, the sadness of my lovely aunt.