Thursday, July 19, 2007

On My Way To Make My Bow

Haha... I'm making my spiritual bow for Ishida cosplay.
Wow... It's hard to make a bow... not like make a katana or sword.
What I have done now is, the skeleton of my bow.
I haven't stick my 2 bow surface yet.

Started to cut the shape out of my spiritual bow

After cut, I have made the skeleton for it to make sure it is strong enough

My spiritual bow will be something like this.

Well, I will continue it tomorrow for sticking the surface, and colouring.
But I'm still thinking the way to colouring.
If you have any suggestions of colouring, please kindly drop me a comment.
Thanks for reading.


Serene said...

Hm.. Looks nice.. mz hav taken some time.. I think after you colour, the outcome wud be great ;)

ToMCaT said...

I hope so... But the problem I'm having right now is, how should I colour my bow? -.-"

Neko chan said...

use spray paint lah....the easiest and the fastest and oso the outcome is not that bad...