Tuesday, July 17, 2007

[PC] Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, is the fifth series of Harry Potter.
(I believe all of you should know this...)

Well, the Hogwart has been re-created for you to explore, means you can explore everywhere you like now. The map is quite big, but sometime it makes you sick because it's far to move from where you are to the destination. -.-"

Mini games are also included. You can try to play those mini games inside when you're sick on playing... (Because you're stuck!) -.-"
One more thing, the musics inside are good too. Actually, they have a orchestra team, to play the musics, that's why the music inside are so good and nice.

The most interesting in this series is, the fighting feature. You can fight any Slytherin's student in the game. Fight them thousand times also can... XD
And the other interesting part also, the way you cast the spell.
Well, you will fall in love with the way how it cast after you have try it. XD

There are 12 spells can be use in the game.

Non-combat Spell:
Wingardium Leviosa: Use to pick up objects
Accio: Used to bring objects to you.
Depulso: Used to push objects away from you.
Reparo: Repair broken objects.
Reducto: Used to smash an object.
Incendio: Set objects on fire.

Combat Spell (Dueling Spell):
Stupefy: Stun opponents.
Rictumsempra: Tickling charm, to be used against animate objects.
Expelliarmus: Disarm opponents.
Protego: Deflect Spells.
Levicorpus: Levitate an opponent briefly.
Petrificus Totalus: Paralyze opponent

Here are some pictures from Gamespot. Hope you all can enjoy it.

That is our "lovely" Professor Umbridge

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Neko chan said...

Hmph! Hao lian liao....got the new harry potter pc game hao lian liao....ask u let me play dowan again bo..ngiao chi! XD
hmm..u like harry potter so much but still buy the ciplak game...shud support and buy the original 1....XD

SWATおかみ said...


ToMCaT said...

@Neko Chan:
Lol... It's impossible for me to buy an original game to play, because it's so expensive. And also, it's hard to find original game here.

Well, what do you mean by do not want? Don't want to try it? Haha... I have discovered that, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has a Wii edition. Swat, go buy and try it, it must be very interesting... XD