Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My New K810i

Wow... It's unbelievable!

I just wrote about my introduction of K810i, clicked publish, then my father ask me whether want to go to see my phone or not...
In the end, my father bought it for me!

Happy right? No actually.
I don't know why, I feel more unhappy after buy this. Is it may be my father bought the phone, but I never do something good for him? I just feel sorry for wasting his money buying my phone.

I may also think about him, what will he think about after bought the phone...
He may think that, "Haiz... I have used RM1330, for my son's phone today."
I know it's hard to earn money, because I did work too.

What if I fail my course? I feel more sorry about this to him, because have to waste money again to repeat. Well, I wish I won't fail, so that I'll not feel so sorry to him.
The result hasn't out yet, I wish I can pass all the course, please...

New phone... It's keep reminding me about my lovely K750i. I started to compare my new phone with my last K750i, which was stolen by an unknown person.
I don't know... It just keep reminding me... I feel so sad also...
May be my K750i is memorable?
Why? There is some memory of pass school life, and the most important is, the memory of my aunt, who was died last year, after few weeks I bought my phone.

Why am I feel so down? I should be happy, isn't it?
I can't understand, why I'm so down.
Keep smiling... I will... I will try my best...

Below are some pictures that I took for the box of my phone.

Some of the pictures are blur... (actually all -.-")
Because I didn't setting well... L... O... L...