Friday, July 20, 2007

Firefox with Google Toolbar

Wow... Firefox is a browser actually... (I believe all of you will know that)
Hmm... It's quite good to be use, and it's easy too...
I started to like Firefox browser since I came to Swinburne.

Why? It's because I need a safer browser to surf the net in open lab, or else my things may "explore out"... Lol...
I can easily clear all the cookies, passwords, and etc... after browsing. So, people would not be that easy to find you! XD

Let me make a very simple introduction about Firefox with Google Toolbar here.

- Pop-up blocker
- Tabbed browsing
- Easy feed subscriptions
- Alerts about unsafe web pages

Google Toolbar:
- Instant search suggestions
- One-click form filler
- Highlighted search terms
- Automated security and feature updates

Haha... above this I have copy from Google. Hope you don't mind... XD
Now, It's time download Firefox with Google Toolbar now.
You can download it by clicking the banner at the very bottom of the site.
If you have Firefox, but you don't have the Google Toolbar, you can download it there.
If you have both of them, you can download it again as a backup too... Hehe...

Ok, that's all...


Neko chan said...

i oledi downloaded and installed Firefox with the Google toolbar reli reli long ago....its ancient times oledi....XD

Serene said...

Yup.. Coz many recommend it on the net so I change my browser to firefox mozilla ^^

ToMCaT said...

@Neko chan:
I know it has been release long time ago. But I have do here is actually I want to promote my advertisement, which is at the very bottom of my home page of my blog there. I can earn some income when you all try to download it completely or signup anything... XD

Ya... Quite good...
But at home, I'm still using IE 6.0... -.-"