Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kuching Festival Parade Rehearsal 2

Well well... We have our emergency rehearsal tonight. It was quite fun and enjoyable.
But the problem is, we still do not have any idea for the dance part.
What should we dance? I don't know...

I'm going to share some funny pictures that I have took.

Intel: Expelliarmus!
Intel is casting spell, Expelliarmus, from Harry Potter.

OMG! Look! It is somebody's shoes!

Ahh...! What is that? AJay, is that "dirty" thing? @_@"
I think it's better don't any picture at night... XD

Wa... Everyone is trying to "liak chua" here... (Means to be lazy)

After our rehearsal, we have went to King Center there to have our supper.
OMG! Intel was ate a plate on fast food! (rice, not something like burger)
It's sad that I couldn't take the picture of it.

Wa... It's my Kolo Mee... Yummy...

Ok, I think that's all for this update. Thanks for your reading and please kindly drop me some comments when you're free.


Serene said...

I feel like wanna eat the mi pok kolo mee again XD

ToMCaT said...

Lol... Me too... When I look at the picture, I feel more hungry and want to eat the mi pok kolo mee again!

khin lin: said...

hmm..kolo mee..still ok lo..not special lo..just a normal food but nice to eat..