Monday, July 2, 2007

What? I copy your topic?

What a terrible and vegetable person you are!
Mr. Ali? I'm disappointed that I do have this kind of friend.

We were in the same group for IT assignment 1. (it's me and Ali)
What you have did is, a pieces of SHIT!
At the end, all the work were done by me and other group members.

Assignment 2 came. And I and Mr. Ting don't be the same group with you anymore, and yet you told me that I trying to leave you alone.

Assignment 2 has the end, and the mark came out.
The mark your group obtained is higher than my group.
But now, what you have said, I copy your topic, so your group have change the topic, then obtain the higher mark... One more, still says that your group are not stupid.

Below are the conversation between me and Mr. Ali:

Mr. Ali: Luckily I didn't group with you. Haha...
Me: ...
Mr. Ali: Say thanks to Mr. Ting for not selecting me in his group. (Actually is my group)
Me: What I can say to you is "go to hell"!
Mr. Ali: Actually we did gaming but when we see you copy our want we didn't do.
That save our ass a lot. Thanks ha...
We saw you copy ours, so we change.
Me: What? Copy yours?
Mr. Ali: Because we change, we got higher mark.
We did gaming first, then you copy us that day.
Haha... We're not stupid lar...
Okok... I'm sleepy liao... Good night.

After that, he block me. What the xxxx....!!!

My group did not copy their topic. What we did is about Computer Graphic, not Computer Game or gaming. My group topic was suggested by Augustus, which is CG (Computer Graphic) in the beginning. So decided to choose this topic.

What kind of friend is this?
Sounds like I like to gossip in my blog, but it is true. It is really happened to me...
Since he involved the serious accident at Simpang Tiga there... I feel pity with him, so I went to hospital to visit him with Hui Lin, and Kim. But now, I won't pity him anymore... I have enough of his attitude.

I'll not pity him and don't care about him anymore, I swear!!!