Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Play First at Jumboplay

Hmm... Getting bored? Especially for some of my friends who are always staying at Open Lab for doing nothing?
(Open Lab is an open computer lab for students in Swinburne)

Haha... let me introduce you all a website to play some trial games, at


You can free play (try out the game) many of the games, at the free play section in the site.

Do I need to download it to try?
Yes, you can. But there is a web play included. So, why not using web play, and start playing immediately? Lol... XD

Well, it's only a trial version.
If you're professional enough, I believe there is a way to break it, isn't it?
But anyway, you can always try out in open lab.
And, please be careful when you're playing. XD

Anyway, you can always buy the game through the site in RM, not in USD.
It's quite "cheap" actually.
For those who are support original, please buy it, and do not break the code for trial version. XD