Monday, September 15, 2008

A Trip to China - Part 7

The seventh day, 29th August, 2008, Friday.

As stated in our tour schedule list, we had "Dim Sum" (点心) as our breakfast. Yup, Hong Kong's Dim Sum is always delicious. After that, we went to a few places that selling gold, silver, candies, and etc.

Next, we had our lunch at 12pm something, and went to the harbour at 1pm something. At 2.30pm, the ship departed from Hong Kong to Macau, which takes 1 hour. Well, the ship or ferry just like sitting in a aeroplane. You have your own seat number and very comfortable as well... =D

Inside of the ship or ferry

Hmmm... Well, I spent that 1 hour just to sleep since we all were so tired and not enough sleep. At 3.30pm, we had arrived to Macau. Next, we had the city tour in Macau.

Here are the photos that I took when visiting the places... =D

The entrance of A-Ma Temple

Sands Casino (金沙)

Too bad I can't take a better photo of this. We walked around in the Sands Casino there about half an hour, and continue to the next destination, which is very near to Sands Casino.

The Golden Lotus Square (盛世莲花广场)
(I don't know the real English name of this place)

The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Closer view of The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Another view of The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Opposite of The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Next, we walked along the street that is opposite to The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, to have our dinner since it was around 6pm already. After dinner, we went to our bus, and here I took some photos on my way to the bus... =D

A view the post office from the place where we had our dinner

Pos Office

After the bus, we had arrived to our hotel called Best Western. Hmmm.... This hotel is good. The room and toilet look comfortable as well... =D

So after check in, we rest for a while and continue again to another casino. First we went to a very high class hotel to see the Lucky Tree at 9pm.

The lucky tree in the hotel
(I don't know what is the name of the hotel)

Opposite of the hotel
It's beautiful, isn't it?

After that, we went to the second hotel, and went into their casino. Again, I don't know the name of the hotel... =.=ll

We went from the first hotel to the second hotel by walk. And I took some photos of beautiful buildings here, but I only post up 1 photo here since most of the photos are blur. =.=ll

A beautiful buidling again

Ok, the third place was The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel. Two words for me to describe the hotel, huge and beautiful. Well, they have a very big casino, a place for you to shopping, and a place for you to eat... =D

Anyway, I took some photos there... Enjoy... XD

The street in the Ventian Macau Resort Hotel

A small clock tower
(It's not a clock tower actually... =.=ll)

Food court

I think it's another food court if I'm not wrong.

After walking around, we felt hungry and had our supper there. My sister and I ordered 2 bowls of ramen, which cost HK$ 20++ each, from a Japanese stall... =D

Seafood Ramen

Beef Ramen

My both sisters shared the Seafood Ramen, and my brother and I shared the Beef Ramen. It's delicious... =D

After supper at 11.40pm, we went into the casino. At 12am something, we went out from the casino and back to our hotel by taxi. Before we went back, we saw something beautiful there...

One of the exist to east entrance

The golden ball
(Not sure the real name of this)

Closer view of the golden ball

Ok, after back to our hotel, we took our shower and slept at 1am something again...
So, that's it for the seventh day.


The eighth day, 30th August, 2008, Saturday.

Nothing much for the eighth day. We wake up at 7am, and had our buffet style breakfast in the hotel at 7.45am. At 8.30am, the bus brought us to Macau airport since our flight to Kuching was at 10.35am. At 10.35am, it's time to say good bye to Macau.

Say good bye to Macau in the flight

So, the trip to Kuching takes 4 hours again, and we arrived to Kuching at 2.20pm. Within that 4 hours, all of us had became a dead fish, and most of us slept the whole 4 hours.

Ok, that's the end of my trip to China.
Anyway, I'm looking forward another trip next time.
Thank you for reading... =D


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IguanaKia said...

Hi TomCat,
How much is the total cost for your China Trip?...I want to budget for my trip also..hehehe..thanks.

ToMCaT said...

Oh... The tour fee is RM2500 - RM3000... I forgot how much was it already. You can refer to the newspaper, the 东方假期's travel agent that they are going to 珠海, 深圳, 香港, and 澳门 on 30th of September. It's almost the same as my tour... =D