Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Trip to China - Part 2

The second day, 24th August, 2008, Sunday.
We wake up at 7am. Around 7.45am, all of us meet at the lobby of the hotel, and had our breakfast in the restaurant of the hotel. Half hour later, we started our first visit to
"Shi Jing Shan" (石景山).

At "Shi Jing Shan", cable car is needed to go up of the mountain. Guess what kind of cable car it is? It's something like this... =D

The Cable Cars

It's fun, but horrible. It has 2 person seats, and no door. Interestingly, your leg is hanging up there... XD
The cable car takes few minutes to the upper of the mountain. On the way to the upper mountain there, I took some photos around me. Lol... (sounds so wrong)

One of the view from the cable car

Of course, something interesting. The photo below is the road of the "Roller Coaster"... XD

The road of the "Roller Coaster"

After the cable car, everyone started to take out their camera and shoot. Shoot what? Of course, the scenery. The view from the upper part of the mountain is beautiful. And here, I took some photos from there. =D

The view from the upper part of the mountain

Another view from the upper part of the mountain

After photo shooting, nothing much you can do there. Therefore, we choose to leave the mountain. There are 2 ways to go down the mountain. You can either choose the cable car, or the "Roller Coaster". Guess what I choose? I tried the "Roller Coaster"... XD
Anyway, it's not the actual "Roller Coaster". In Chinese, it is called "Chong Feng Che" (冲锋车). Well, it was fun actually... Try that if you're given the chance to do so... =D

Next destination, the symbol of Zhu Hai (珠海) city, called "珠海渔女". (direct translation will be Zhu Hai Mermaid. Lol... Sounds so wrong) =.=ll

The symbol of Zhu Hai, "Zhu Hai Yu Nv"
(Yu Nv = Mermaid)

The closer view of Zhu Hai's symbol

After that, we went up to "Qing Ren Lu" (情人路). It's a road that is very popular in Zhu Hai. Next, "Yun Jin Bu Yi" (云锦布依) in Zhong Shan (中山). It's a place where you can buy tea, and know their original culture of "Bu Yi Zu" (布依族). Anyway, I didn't take any photo there because everything seems normal... Lol...

After that, we went to have our lunch. No photo was taken there since everyone is sharing the same table. I feel so "pai seh" to take the photo also... Lol...
And here, our tour guard gave us each person one "BoLuo" (菠萝). It's sweet and yummy... =D

Bo Luo (菠萝)

After lunch, we continue our journey to Shen Zhen (深圳). Next destination will be "Xiao Ren Guo" (小人国).

The entrance

Inside there, you are able to see a lot of things. It's huge, and impossible to walk all around the place. Therefore, my tour guard suggested to use the tour train, which is cost RMB20 each person. Below here are the photos that I took in the train. Lol...

On the way to visit around... =D

The Great Wall

The Great Wall

Ok, I don't know what are their name, because it's impossible for me to remember all of them. Lol... And, not much photo I can post up here. Most of the photos are blur since the train was moving.

After traveling around, we were told that there has a live show. Therefore, we watch that show as well.

A show that is playing around with the horse
(Lol... Sounds so wrong)

After that, we went to watch another show again, that is about their culture and costume. Wow... Their costumes are beautiful. Too bad that no camera is allowed inside.

Next, we went to have our dinner first. After dinner, we came back again and continue another show again. Haha... This show was wonderful. Since it's night already, my phone camera couldn't take a better photo at night. Therefore, no photo again... =.=ll

And here, their special festival, called "Bo Shui" Festival (波水节). If you join the event, you are able to play around with water. Lol...

"Bo Shui" Festival

Ok, after that show, we headed to our hotel called Li Garden Hotel. Lol... It's the same name with the restaurant in Hock Lee there... =.=ll

Anyway, the hotel is good, a better place compare to the hotel at the first night. =.=ll
After check in, it's about 10pm something already. Since that day was Sunday, most of the shop in Shen Zhen will open until 12am. Therefore, we went to street shopping. Sorry, I couldn't remember what is the name of the street already.

Well, we saw a Mc. Donald there. My brother bought a "pig" burger. He said it's yummy, but I didn't try it because I feel full that time. We walk and shop around there until 12am something. After that, we went back to hotel and take our shower. At the end, we slept at 2am something. Lol...

Ok, that's all for the second day of the trip.
To be continue on the third day tomorrow. =D


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