Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Trip to China - Part 3

The third day, 26th August, 2008, Monday.
Well, the third day did not have much place to go to. Therefore, we wake up later than the previous days. Around 9pm, all of us meet at the lobby of the hotel, and have our breakfast together.

What was our breakfast?
It was 2 donuts, and 2 hot dogs... =D

Our breakfast for the third day

It was only a normal breakfast, and the hot dogs were salty. =.=ll
Anyway, my brother and cousin bought a few sets of Mc. Donald breakfast while waiting for our tour guard to our hotel. My brother said that it's cheap. But I have no idea how much was it.

After breakfast, we went to "Lotus Flower Mountain Park" (direct translation) or "Lian Hua Shan Gong Yuan" (莲花山公园). I don't remember whether the name of the mountain is correct or not. But I think it's correct... =.=ll

"Lian Hua Shan" Park (莲花山公园)
(Lotus Flower Mountain Park)

We didn't climb up to the mountain since the time was limited. Therefore, we continue our journet to Window Of The World. When we were on our way to the bus, I saw a police bike nearby. XD
Lol... Sounds like never see a police bike before... =.=ll

The police bike in Shen Zhen (深圳)

Next destination, Window of the World (世界之窗). Of course, we had our lunch before we go into Window of the World.

Window of the World

One of the view at the entrance

Within this place, almost every scenery or place that is popular around the world is minimize. Therefore, you're able to see a lot of beautiful buildings inside. =D

The very first thing that we did inside was, watch the 4D movie. Hmmm... I would say the 4D movie in Genting is much more interesting and fun. =D

It's me, sitting in the movie theater and self photo shooting... =.=ll

Ok, after that, our tour guard suggested that using the tour train would be able see 70% of the place in the Window of the World, and save our time as well. Therefore, each of us paid RMB20 again for the train to bring us all around the Window of the World.

Pyramid of Egypt
(The pyramid is behind there)

Kenya's "Wild Zoo"

Eiffel Tower

Ok, starting from here, I can't remember the name of the buildings. And, I'm lazy to search for the name in the internet.

I remember that this stone is always appear in Diablo. It's called the Stonehenge if I'm not wrong.


After traveling all around the place, we climb up to the Eiffel Tower and enjoy the scenery up there... =D

One of the scenery up there

The garden is cool... =D

Wow... High building up there...

Another view of high building

After that, it was around 5pm something already. Therefore, we went for ice-skating and ice sculptures, while waiting for a night show at 7.30pm... =D
Sorry, I didn't take any photo with my phone camera in ice sculpture place. So, no photo about that again... XD

(Only RMB20 each person)

After the show, it's night time already. So I took this before we go back to the bus... =D

Window of the World
(Near the entrance there)

After dinner, what else? We went back to our hotel and continue street shopping... =D
Again, we shop until 11am something, back to hotel at 12am something and sleep at 1am something.

Ok, that's the end of the third day.
To be continue on the fourth day. =D


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