Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Trip to China - Part 6

The sixth day, 28 August, 2008, Thursday.

We wake up at 7am something, and went to had our breakfast at 8.30am, together with my cousin. Around 9am, we went back to our hotel and meet the other group members. After that, we went to Ocean Park.

We arrived to Ocean Park around 10am something.

The entrance of Ocean Park

The very first thing that we did in Ocean Park was the see the real Panda.
Oh my cat... They are cute... >.>ll

And after that, we continue to another part of Ocean Park by cable car. Before we arrive to the cable car station, I took some photos here... =D

Photo taken after seeing the real Panda in a shop

The Pandas: Look, someone is taking photo of us!

Kung Fu Panda

The panda

When we were in the cable car to another part of Ocean Park, I took some photos here. But too bad, most of them are ugly. So, I only post up 1 here... =.=llxx

The view from the cable car

Next, we went to 2 aquariums. The first aquarium we visited was nothing much. In the second aquarium, there are a lot of fish inside, and it has 3 floors. And here are the photos... =D

The first floor

The second floor

Too bad, I didn't take the third floor there. Haha...
Around 12pm, we played the roller coaster, sea rover, and "jump off from building" (跳楼, Tiao Lou). Er... I would say the roller coaster has nothing much to us, and so the sea rover. But the Tiao Lou is fun... XD

We only took about 1 hour to finish them all. After that, we went to shopping, see any souvenir to buy or not. Next, we watched the Dolphin show at 2pm.

Haha... The dolphins are cute... =D
But my phone camera didn't manage to take a better photo in the show since my seat was far away from the stage... =.=ll
Ok, the view from the seat at the Dolphin show.

The view from the seat of Dolphin show

The show takes half an hour if I'm not wrong. So we went to the back door of the Ocean Park and hanging around the shop there at the back door. At 3.30pm, our bus had came and brought us to hotel.

Around 4pm, we arrived to our hotel. So, we decided to take a shower and rest for a while. At 6pm, my sister's Hong Kong friend brought us to have dinner. Thanks for your dinner, Vanny... =D

And after that, we went to street shopping again. Too bad, I didn't buy any clothes that is fashion enough because I don't dare to wear them in Kuching. Also, most of the beautiful clothes there are expensive, except for the discount one. So I didn't buy any clothes that is fashion enough... =.=ll

When we were street shopping, my sister's friend brought us to buy a drink. Hmmm... I forget what is the name of the drink already. But it's Mango flavour, and like pudding drink... Lol...
Anyway, it tastes good, and costs HK$20 for 1 cup and HK$30 for 2 cups, if I'm not wrong... =D

The mango flavour pudding drink

So, we back to our hotel by taxi at 12am something, and slept at 1am something... Lol...
Ok, that's it for the sixth day.
To be continue on the seventh day and the eighth day. =D


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TNH said...

wow..your trip really pretty enjoy..the view is so nice..

ToMCaT said...

Haha... Quite enjoy... =D