Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Trip to China - Part 1

Ok, this will be a long post. Well, as mentioned in the previous post, I went to China for traveling from 23rd to 30th of August. I followed a tour group, which is only 15 people, including our tour guard from Kuching.

Yup, this is consider as a small group. Luckily, no old people and kids in our group. All of us are active and
young. =D

The first day, 23rd of August, Saturday.
Hmmm... we did not have any activity for the first day. Our flight from Kuching to Macau takes 4 hours, and we arrived to Macau at 7pm something.

Going to Gate 9 in KIA

After come out from the airport, we went to "Zhu Hai" (珠海) directly by bus.

On the way to Zhu Hai from Macau, we need to go through the immigration. The only thing that I'm not happy with is, the workers who check your passport in the immigration. The workers show a bad face, looks like I owe them money. Also, they throw your passport to you, not give it to you. Dam it!!!

Never mind, it passes already. Lol...
After go through the immigration, we will have our first dinner in our trip. Too bad, I did not manage to get the photo of every food we had.

Next, we went to our first hotel in our trip, called Golden Phoenix Hotel. The hotel is still acceptable, but the bed and the air-con were horrible. >.>ll
How horrible is it? The bed was very hard, just like sleeping on the floor, and the air-con was not cold at all, although I had switch the air-con to the coldest. =.=

Anyway, I found out this. I looked out the window in our hotel room. Wow... It's the pedestrian bridge. It's cool, isn't it? =D

The view of pedestrian bridge from the hotel

After check in at 9pm something, we went out from the hotel and walk around nearby since it was still early. There is a saloon beside our hotel. Guess what? They were having renovation promotion, where you can wash you hair there with RMB8, which is only about RM4. Wow... isn't it cheap? XD
So, my sister went to wash her hair there.

After that, we went back to our hotel and sleep. Too bad, I did not sleep well the whole first night since the air-con and the bed were terrible. =.=ll

Ok, that's all for the first day of the trip. =D
To be continue...


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