Friday, September 5, 2008

A Trip to China - Part 4

The fourth day, 26th August, 2008, Tuesday.

Since we finish visited all the places in Shen Zhen that is stated in the schedule already, we only had our last breakfast in Shen Zhen at the fourth day. After the breakfast, nothing much to do. As our tour guard promised to bring us to shopping, she brought us to a shop, which is selling some bags, wallets, and etc. The shop is actually near the train station to Hong Kong.

Around 12pm something, we went to Hong Kong by train. Of course, before you go into the train, you have to go through the immigration again. =D

About 1pm something, we arrived to Hong Kong. Yeah... My first time to Hong Kong... =D
The first thing we did after the train was, to have our lunch. In the restaurant there, the only thing that I would say is, "Walao... So many people..." =.=ll
Well, it's true... There's a lot of people... >.>

After lunch, we went to another side of Hong Kong by a ferry. Before we went into the ferry station, we saw a clock tower. But I don't know what is the name of the tower, since our new Hong Kong tour guard is poor... =.=ll

The clock tower

When I was in the ferry, I took some photos here... =D
Look at the photo below... Have you see the building that Jacky Chan jump off from in a movie? XD

The building at the middle of the photo
(short one with special body shape)

Another view from the ferry

After the ferry, we went to a place that is memorable for Hong Kong people. I forget what is the name of the place already. But it is located in front of the building in the second above photo where Jacky Chan jump off from.

According to our tour guard, he said that this is the flower that represent Hong Kong. This golden flower was given by the China if I'm not wrong... I can't remember the full story already. Sorry about that. =D

The Golden Flower
(Forget what flower is that)

After that, we went to "Tai Ping Shan" (太平山). We took around 20 minutes there and went to the next destination. Next, the Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong, which is somewhere near the "Tai Ping Shan". Wow... you're able to see a lot of stars there... =D

Here they are...

Kelly Chen

Andy Lau

Aaron Kwok

Tiger Woods

Starting from here, I don't know their name... Sorry about that...

This is where the Madame Tussauds located. =D

The building where the Madema Tussauds located

After that, we walked to a little bit higher place nearby and look at the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong... =D

The scenery of Hong Kong

Next, we went to have our dinner again since it's already 5pm something. After dinner, we went to somewhere else to shopping. At 7.30pm, we went to Avenue of Stars (星光大道). In the Avenue of Stars, you're able to see the fingerprint of the stars.

Night view from Avenue of Stars

At 8pm something, there was a show that the lights of the buildings will dance with the music played.

Here is the light of the buildings danced

Hmm... Actually, the show plays every night. It's quite cool... But our Hong Kong tour guard said it's normal... =.=ll

After that, we went to our hotel in Jordan, called West Hotel. This hotel is nice, and good in services. The people working at the counter of the lobby is kind, and talk politely. I like this hotel very much... =D

Since the night is still young, and the shopping malls and streets are all open until 11.30pm, we went to street shopping after check in.

My sister's friend, who live in Hong Kong brought us to street shopping. At first in the lobby of the hotel, we asked whether to use the underground or walk. My sister's friend said we go there by walk since it's very near. So, we walked to street shopping.

Guess what? We walked about 20 minutes totally, with the highest speed, and passed a few streets... Lol... It's far, not near at all... =.=ll
It's tiring to walk that far...

Anyway, I walked to Ladies Market. There's a lot of things that you can buy there. But you have to ask for discount unpolitely. Or else, you will be "killed" by them... XD

The Ladies Market

The street

Actually, there's another street called Male Street, where Hong Kong people call it "Male Kai". We didn't go to Male Street due to the limited time. But according to our tour guard, he said that most of the stall in Male Street selling food, and Ladies Markets is in the opposite way, where most of the stalls are selling stuffs like clothes, bags, shoes, and etc.

Ok, after street shopping, we went to have our supper. Next, we went back to our hotel at 11pm something and slept at 1pm something.

So, that's it for the fourth day...
To be continue on the fifth day.


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