Friday, September 7, 2007

My First Puchase in

Wow... It's my first purchase from lelong.
It's fun, and finally I have bid the Nike Dual Time Digital & Analog Watch that I have think about it for long time already.
It's RM18 + RM14 = RM32, including shipping, which is RM14.

Click the links below to see the pictures of my bidding...
- Item
- Won Result

Here is the picture of the watch that I bid... XD

Please note that this picture was taken by the seller

Ok, that's all... Hopefully I can receive the watch as soon as possible...
Can't wait to wear it anymore... XD


videl said...

Wah...this is nice...@_@

and the most important thing is, it's cheap! XD

ToMCaT said...

Haha... It's quite nice actually... But it's not suitable for me... T_T