Sunday, September 9, 2007

May Day in Kuching

Well, it's May Day concert today. Sheng and I went to eat before it starts at 7.30pm. I fetch Sheng from his house, and then we went to Crown Square to have our dinner. Sheng has been invited by his friends to watch the May Day concert too... So he decided to follow them.

We went to the Hong Kong restaurant (forgot what the name of the restaurant) there, and I ordered a cup of cold Chinese tea, and a bowl of Seafood Noodle Soup, which cost RM6.50 for the noodle, and RM1.00 for the cold Chinese tea.

Hmm... I have became an alien between Sheng and his friends, because only one of his friends I know... And I only keep silence, because I did not have any interesting topic to talk with them.

Seafood Noodle Soup

After that, we went to the May Day concert at MBKS stadium.
We went there about 6.45pm.
Wow... A lots of people there....
And then, we wait and stand in the middle of the stadium.
About 7.45pm, May Day came out!!!
Yeah.... Everyone was very high...

May Day was performing

Closer shot on May Day

At the end, they have sang about 8 songs.
Cool... I could see that everyone was enjoying the concert when they are performing.
After the concert, Sheng and his friends decided to have some drinks.
But I rejected because I'm a bit tired, and I have a lot of thing to finish.

And so I'm sitting here and writing this post.
Ok, that's all for today...