Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yup! SocialSpark is live since few months ago. It is believe that most of the blogger would have already heard of SocialSpark, but for those who don't know anything about this, here is a little information about SocialSpark.

SocialSpark is a Social Marketing Network which connecting advertisers and bloggers through an online advertising marketplace. The specialty of SocialSpark is that both advertisers and bloggers are able to create their own profiles, and promote themselves to advertisers or bloggers. In addition, one could meet new friends via SocialSpark as well.

Here is my own profile in SocialSpark. Hopefully I can meet new friends and expose my blog here. =D

Anyway, my blog has not approved by them yet since my posts are less than 20 within 3 months. But I like it because I am able to promote my blog to new readers, or advertisers as well. Isn't it cool? Other than that, your latest post will be shown in your SocialSpark profile.

The only thing that I don't like is their site which is a bit confusing, but it is fine with me. Anyway, I would expect a better layout which is simpler than now for their site.

Well, you should try to join this if you have not do so. It is good to have a try there... =D