Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Birthday

Well, today is my 20th birthday, and my first day to start my life with "2" for the first digit of my age. I feel sad because no more "1" for the first digit of my age now. It has become my history. Anyway, I wish I can have a meaningful life starting today. =D

I was celebrating my birthday with my closest friends just now. They were Yiing, Lin, and Ronald. We had our dinner together this evening. After that, we went to Isabella to cut my birthday cake.

Unexpectedly, we meet Kim, and Serene there. Therefore, Kim and Serene were join us to sing birthday song to me, together with Yiing, Lin, and Ronald.

And here is my birthday cake... =D

My birthday cake

It's me with my cake

Too bad, my phone did not manage to take a better photo because there was very dark.
Anyway, I am very happy that my closest friends are able to help me to celebrate my birthday.

Thank you, Yiing, Lin, and Ronald.
And also, thank you to Kim and Serene.

I think that's all... Thanks for reading.


Neko chan said...

dat nite i may hav said dat i dint wan to see u..but i was happy to be able to celebrate ur 1st "2" digit birthday with u...oh yea..u forgt to thank yiing's gf leh..she was there celebrating wit u oso wat...XP

anyways..hope u had fun on ur birthday...^^

ToMCaT said...

@neko chan:
Lol... Thank you...