Friday, October 10, 2008

Moving to

Sorry for no update since my last post on the SAMS anniversary.
I was busying with my assignments, tests, and modifying my blog.

And here, I want to announce officially that my blog is moved to my own server and address at Please note that I would not update anything on the blog anymore, so please visit my new blog for the updates. =D

Thank you for your support all the time.
Remember to update my URL in your blog and do leave your comment ya... =D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

SAMS Second Anniversary

Happy birthday to Swinburne Anime and Manga Society (SAMS) again... =D
The second anniversary was held at Rain's house yesterday. As planned in the previous meeting, we decided to have a BBQ party to celebrate the anniversary.

Well, it was fun. I ate a lot until I'm so full... (I'm still very full while writing this post and feeling want to vomit) =.=ll

Ok, enjoy the photos here... Too bad, only 4 photos here... =D

Food and drinks prepared by Rain's mother
Thank you, aunty...

My favorite, don't know how to call this.
(Ate a lot of this... =D)

Chicken Wings


Actually, we had hot dog, "sio bi", rice, and soft drinks as well...
Ok, I think that's all for this post. Thank you for your reading. =D

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Trip to China - Part 7

The seventh day, 29th August, 2008, Friday.

As stated in our tour schedule list, we had "Dim Sum" (点心) as our breakfast. Yup, Hong Kong's Dim Sum is always delicious. After that, we went to a few places that selling gold, silver, candies, and etc.

Next, we had our lunch at 12pm something, and went to the harbour at 1pm something. At 2.30pm, the ship departed from Hong Kong to Macau, which takes 1 hour. Well, the ship or ferry just like sitting in a aeroplane. You have your own seat number and very comfortable as well... =D

Inside of the ship or ferry

Hmmm... Well, I spent that 1 hour just to sleep since we all were so tired and not enough sleep. At 3.30pm, we had arrived to Macau. Next, we had the city tour in Macau.

Here are the photos that I took when visiting the places... =D

The entrance of A-Ma Temple

Sands Casino (金沙)

Too bad I can't take a better photo of this. We walked around in the Sands Casino there about half an hour, and continue to the next destination, which is very near to Sands Casino.

The Golden Lotus Square (盛世莲花广场)
(I don't know the real English name of this place)

The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Closer view of The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Another view of The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Opposite of The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Next, we walked along the street that is opposite to The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, to have our dinner since it was around 6pm already. After dinner, we went to our bus, and here I took some photos on my way to the bus... =D

A view the post office from the place where we had our dinner

Pos Office

After the bus, we had arrived to our hotel called Best Western. Hmmm.... This hotel is good. The room and toilet look comfortable as well... =D

So after check in, we rest for a while and continue again to another casino. First we went to a very high class hotel to see the Lucky Tree at 9pm.

The lucky tree in the hotel
(I don't know what is the name of the hotel)

Opposite of the hotel
It's beautiful, isn't it?

After that, we went to the second hotel, and went into their casino. Again, I don't know the name of the hotel... =.=ll

We went from the first hotel to the second hotel by walk. And I took some photos of beautiful buildings here, but I only post up 1 photo here since most of the photos are blur. =.=ll

A beautiful buidling again

Ok, the third place was The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel. Two words for me to describe the hotel, huge and beautiful. Well, they have a very big casino, a place for you to shopping, and a place for you to eat... =D

Anyway, I took some photos there... Enjoy... XD

The street in the Ventian Macau Resort Hotel

A small clock tower
(It's not a clock tower actually... =.=ll)

Food court

I think it's another food court if I'm not wrong.

After walking around, we felt hungry and had our supper there. My sister and I ordered 2 bowls of ramen, which cost HK$ 20++ each, from a Japanese stall... =D

Seafood Ramen

Beef Ramen

My both sisters shared the Seafood Ramen, and my brother and I shared the Beef Ramen. It's delicious... =D

After supper at 11.40pm, we went into the casino. At 12am something, we went out from the casino and back to our hotel by taxi. Before we went back, we saw something beautiful there...

One of the exist to east entrance

The golden ball
(Not sure the real name of this)

Closer view of the golden ball

Ok, after back to our hotel, we took our shower and slept at 1am something again...
So, that's it for the seventh day.


The eighth day, 30th August, 2008, Saturday.

Nothing much for the eighth day. We wake up at 7am, and had our buffet style breakfast in the hotel at 7.45am. At 8.30am, the bus brought us to Macau airport since our flight to Kuching was at 10.35am. At 10.35am, it's time to say good bye to Macau.

Say good bye to Macau in the flight

So, the trip to Kuching takes 4 hours again, and we arrived to Kuching at 2.20pm. Within that 4 hours, all of us had became a dead fish, and most of us slept the whole 4 hours.

Ok, that's the end of my trip to China.
Anyway, I'm looking forward another trip next time.
Thank you for reading... =D


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Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Trip to China - Part 6

The sixth day, 28 August, 2008, Thursday.

We wake up at 7am something, and went to had our breakfast at 8.30am, together with my cousin. Around 9am, we went back to our hotel and meet the other group members. After that, we went to Ocean Park.

We arrived to Ocean Park around 10am something.

The entrance of Ocean Park

The very first thing that we did in Ocean Park was the see the real Panda.
Oh my cat... They are cute... >.>ll

And after that, we continue to another part of Ocean Park by cable car. Before we arrive to the cable car station, I took some photos here... =D

Photo taken after seeing the real Panda in a shop

The Pandas: Look, someone is taking photo of us!

Kung Fu Panda

The panda

When we were in the cable car to another part of Ocean Park, I took some photos here. But too bad, most of them are ugly. So, I only post up 1 here... =.=llxx

The view from the cable car

Next, we went to 2 aquariums. The first aquarium we visited was nothing much. In the second aquarium, there are a lot of fish inside, and it has 3 floors. And here are the photos... =D

The first floor

The second floor

Too bad, I didn't take the third floor there. Haha...
Around 12pm, we played the roller coaster, sea rover, and "jump off from building" (跳楼, Tiao Lou). Er... I would say the roller coaster has nothing much to us, and so the sea rover. But the Tiao Lou is fun... XD

We only took about 1 hour to finish them all. After that, we went to shopping, see any souvenir to buy or not. Next, we watched the Dolphin show at 2pm.

Haha... The dolphins are cute... =D
But my phone camera didn't manage to take a better photo in the show since my seat was far away from the stage... =.=ll
Ok, the view from the seat at the Dolphin show.

The view from the seat of Dolphin show

The show takes half an hour if I'm not wrong. So we went to the back door of the Ocean Park and hanging around the shop there at the back door. At 3.30pm, our bus had came and brought us to hotel.

Around 4pm, we arrived to our hotel. So, we decided to take a shower and rest for a while. At 6pm, my sister's Hong Kong friend brought us to have dinner. Thanks for your dinner, Vanny... =D

And after that, we went to street shopping again. Too bad, I didn't buy any clothes that is fashion enough because I don't dare to wear them in Kuching. Also, most of the beautiful clothes there are expensive, except for the discount one. So I didn't buy any clothes that is fashion enough... =.=ll

When we were street shopping, my sister's friend brought us to buy a drink. Hmmm... I forget what is the name of the drink already. But it's Mango flavour, and like pudding drink... Lol...
Anyway, it tastes good, and costs HK$20 for 1 cup and HK$30 for 2 cups, if I'm not wrong... =D

The mango flavour pudding drink

So, we back to our hotel by taxi at 12am something, and slept at 1am something... Lol...
Ok, that's it for the sixth day.
To be continue on the seventh day and the eighth day. =D


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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Trip to China - Part 5

The fifth day, 27th August, 2008, Wednesday.

We wake up at 7am something and went to have our breakfast, together with one of my cousin who was working in Hong Kong for few days. At 9am something, we went back to our hotel and wait for the other to start our trip today.
The first place that we visited was Ngong Ping Village (
昂坪市集). The main purpose to Ngong Ping Village is to see the Tian Tan Buddha Statue (天坛大佛). We went there by underground. About 10am something, we arrived to Ngong Ping cable car's station. We bought the tickets, which cost HK$ 88 per person.

After that, we ride the cable car to Ngong Ping Village... =D
Well, it takes about 15 minutes to the village from the cable car station. It's far, isn't it?
Here are some photos that I took in the cable car.

Airport of Hong Kong

The view from the cable car

Another view from the cable car

Tian Tan Buddha Statue

After the cable car, we had arrived to the Ngong Ping Village. Before we go to the Tian Tan Buddha Statue, my sister and cousin bought drinks from Starbucks. After that, we continue to Tian Tan Buddha by walk.

This is where we came out from the cable car

The street

On the way to Tian Tan Buddha Statue, I took this photo while waiting my brother to toilet... =D

Tian Tan Buddha Statue

Walk along the road, we arrived to Tian Tan Buddha Statue... =D

The entrance of Tian Tan Buddha Statue

The opposite side of the Tian Tan Buddha Statue

We didn't go up there since the weather was extremely hot. Also, we thought that entrance fee is needed to go up there. So we decided not to go up and go back to the cable car station. But after came back to the cable car station, someone told us that it's free to Tian Tan Buddha Statue up there... =.=ll

On the way to the cable car station, we stopped at a few shops. We looked around there and bought some candies. At 1.30pm, we meet our tour guard and went back to the first cable car station.

Before we go to our next destination, we went to have our lunch ourselves nearby. My cousin brought us to Delifrance... =D


The Spaghetti
(I forgot what name already)
(Cost HK$39 if I'm not wrong)

My Spaghetti with fish
(Forgot the full name already)
(Cost HK$ 42 if i'm not wrong)

The spaghetti with mushroom
(I don know the name again... =.=ll)
(Cost HK$39 if I'm not wrong)

After lunch, we went to the shopping mall nearby. We walk around there, since we still have some time before we meet our tour guard at underground station.

After that, we continue our trip to Disney Land. =D

Here is the train to Hong Kong Disney Land... XD

The underground train to Hong Kong Disneyland.

After the train, we had arrived to Hong Kong Disneyland.

The Mickey Mouse at the entrance there =D

The entrance

Well, at the entrance there, your bags will be checked by the security guards. Check what? They only allowed 1 person to bring 1 bottle of water. =.=ll

Ok, after go through the entrance. It's about 3pm already. We rush ourselves to the street in Disneyland to watch the parade at 3pm. But who knows? The parade starts at 4pm... Lol...
Therefore, we went to a train tour there, which bring us to walk around in Disneyland. =D

After that, we went to a few shops to buy some souvenirs. I saw this while my sisters and cousin were choosing their souvenirs.

Buzz Lightyear

After shops, we walk around, and I took this... =D

The Sleeping Beauty Castle


Next, it's 4pm... =D
So we went to watch the parade. Here are some photos of the parade. =D


Buzz Lightyear

And... I don't know what is this... =.=ll

Well, I can't take a better photo for the parade since they will "water gun" you... Lol...
So, don't get so near when you watch the parade in Hong Kong Disneyland next time, or else you'll get wet... (I got myself wet there..) =.=ll

After that, we went to watch the 4D movie. Wow... The 4D movie is cool, and the sound effects inside were dam nice... =D

Next, we went to Jungle River Cruise. The driver of the boat was funny and always talk about lame joke. The driver always scare us... =.=ll

At 6pm (if i'm not wrong), we went to watch another show again called Festival of the Lion King.
Before the Festival of the Lion King, we played Space Mountain. Haha... It was fun... XD

The end of the Festival of the Lion King

Well, this show was nice, and nice sound effects as well... It's worth to watch this. =D
Next, we watch another show again called The Golden Mickeys. Haha, what else I would say again about this show? It's nice and cool... =D

So, after The Golden Mickeys, it's 8pm already. So we went to "It's a mini world".
Here are some photos in "It's a mini world".

The building of "It's a mini world"

A view inside of "It's a mini world"

Another view in "It's a mini world"

After that, we went to play Buzz Lightyear... =D

The entrance of Buzz Lightyear

Haha... It was fun... Too bad, I didn't score much in the game... =D
Next, we went to the main street of Disneyland since it was near to 9pm already. And here, I took this... =D

The main street of Hong Kong Disneyland

At 9pm, all the street lamps will be switched off. OMG! What happen? A blackout? Lol...
Well, it's time to watch the Stars Fireworks... The fireworks were beautiful, and dance with the music played as well... =D
One word again, cool... XD

Ok, after the fireworks, nothing else you can do since they're closing. So we went back to the underground station. Before we reach the underground station, I took this...

The mickey mouse in night mode... Lol...

Haha... beautiful right?
So, we went back to the underground station, and back to our hotel around 11pm.
Haha... We were half dead and so tired...
We didn't had our dinner until we came back to hotel
At the end, we had cup noodle for our "dinner"... =.=ll
After that, we took our shower, and sleep at 1am something again... >.>ll

Ok, that's all for the fifth day...
To be continue on the sixth day... =D


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